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So What Happens to Your Digital Content If the Seller Loses the Rights to the Show

One of the oldest questions about streaming is what happens if the store you purchased a show from loses rights to the show or movie.

I often hear from new and old cord cutters alike that they don’t want to buy digital content because they may lose access to it at some future date. I can’t tell you what happens on all services, but I can tell you what happens on Amazon.

Recently “King of the Hill” was pulled from Amazon’s Video Store, meaning you can no longer purchase that show through Amazon’s streaming service; however, what happened to all the owners of “King of the Hill” on Amazon? Nothing. It’s still there to stream if you had purchased it before the show was pulled from Amazon Video.

My family is fan of “King of the Hill,” and we own every season on Amazon Video. We can still watch it on all of our devices and on the Amazon website.

So what happens to services that just shut down? That is a different issue, but there is a good history of customers being made whole. An example of this is when Redbox’s first streaming service shut down. Anyone who purchased a movie or a show on Redbox’s streaming service could—for free—move their content over to what is now known as FandangoNOW. No one lost any content, and everything moved over.

So if you are worried about losing access to your digital movies or TV shows I wouldn’t worry. First, I don’t expect a service such as Amazon or iTunes to go away anytime soon. Next, services such as Amazon have done a great job of making sure the content you paid for is always there.

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  • Nathan John Ganiere

    Target Ticket closed, moved everything to Cinemanow, as for content being removed, it happens on VUDU anyhow all the time, but if you own it already it’s still in your account and you can stream it, same with ultraviolet titles that might lose UV status, long as they in your UV account, they still show in the providers and can be streamed………..

  • cruitbuck

    So. has been down for weeks. I own several movies with them. It seems that Reliance Majestic Studios is supporting the site. When I asked support to refund me all the movies I purchased, the response is all the account information is in the site that is down. Seems to me they were hijacked or didn’t renew their domain name. Now if I enter in the URL locator on any browser, I get, which is using the Cinemanow logo. HACKED! I’ll give them one more week. Then seek class action.

    • ice-9

      This is the first mention of this I could find on the net -I am having the exact same experience. So do we know exactly what happened?