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Hulu is Making Major Improvements to Their New User Interface

Ever since Hulu’s new user interface started to roll out there has been mixed feelings about it. Some loved it but others had legitimate issues with the new look. Now it looks like Hulu has heard your concerns and today they are rolling out several major improvements to their new Hulu app.

Here is everything that is new: (Note these updates can be found on tvOS, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Fire TV devices.)

Better Use of The Screen

In this update, Hulu makes better use of screen and increased the amount of information you will see as you browse on a streaming player.

Now you will find new buttons at the bottom of each section on the Home menu to make it easy to find even more shows or movies in that category. Clicking on these buttons will take you to full menus for your content, rather than the list on the home screen.

Better readability and legibility

Hulu says they have made changes to their font to make it more readable.

Lineup now highlights new episodes

One of the big complaints about the new app was finding new episodes. Now Hulu has added a highlight for new episodes of the shows you watch directly in your Lineup. T

Live and on-demand watch history

Now  Hulu lets you view your full watch history by selecting “All Watch History” at the bottom of the Keep Watching section on the Home menu.

Improvements to video playback

Here are the changes Hulu says they made to their video playback:

  • Continuous Play is a feature that automatically starts a new episode, show or movie after the one you are watching ends. A countdown timer and details regarding the next video is now also displayed at the end of playback on iOS and Apple TV devices.
  • We have reduced stream interruptions, and increased stability and video quality
  • App launch, signup, login, and overall transitions are more seamless than before
  • Scene previews are displayed on-screen when seeking during playback on Xbox One, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Chromecast devices

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  • Tina Throne

    Really anxious to try Hulu Live, but still need to sit & wait for them to add it to ROKU. 🙁 Hope it is not too far off.

    • beharper

      You can download the beta channel from the Roku website

      • Tina Throne

        I looked for that but haven’t found it. The code that had been posted about 2 weeks ago for the Beta isn’t good anymore. When I search their channel store, it only brings up the regular Hulu.

        • beharper

          Oh, I didn’t have the code. I just searched the site and found it.

    • jaduffy007

      I have it on my Roku ultra….live tv buffers an insane amount==unwatchable. Apple tv 5th gen, please be available for order next week.

  • risingtide

    They haven’t fixed the real UI issues that people were complaining about. The main complains are that you have to navigate through so many tabs and subtabs to get to content. PS Vue, Netflix and YouTube TV have a very smooth interface that lets you easily access content by scrolling instead of having to click dozens of buttons and tabs.

    They make it a pain to get to your content just so they can use the opportunity to shove all those “featured” shows in your face and make ad money out of it.

  • Duelingdragon

    If only they would add a button for the opposite of “My Stuff”. There are shows I just hate & will never watch and sure enough, they are on every screen I go to as a suggestion, related or in the main page lineup. Hulu should know by now what types of shows I watch and not keep recommending Difficult People or the Mindy Project. In fact, I would prefer to never see their suggestions. Let me just see my watchlist and have the option myself to browse their catalog by different categories & add what I want to my watchlist. I would also love to be able to search by year. I understand the financials of why they do it, but it is just my preferences and not how I want to see & find things. Netflix frustrated me the same way and I cancelled. I actually cancelled Hulu as well, but they offered a free month to stay longer. Good to know if you want to get a free month. OK, I’m done now.

    • risingtide

      That’s my biggest problem with Hulu too. Their suggestions. They’re putting them in every screen and making it difficult to get to the content you care about without going through the suggestions first.

    • icwhatudidthere

      Yeah, that Lineup list is a waste. My newly recorded shows don’t show up and the recommendations feel more like ads for shows I don’t want to watch.

      • Evan

        I foget the name but there was a poorly named live list which was old shows that were not live. I had to go through my channels for live content.

    • Scott Blanchard

      Agree Completely. Lineup menu is a complete waste of space. Show me the shows I watch most often that are on live right now. Besides that, show me the networks I watch most often. If I never watch Handmade’s Tale (I tried once and it was horrible), then don’t keep pushing it in front of me at every oppty.

  • Iphart

    Don’t bother adding any kind of traditional guide HULU. We do not care about any upcoming info beyond 24 hrs. Also people love to click 40 times to get to what they are looking for.
    And while you are add it stop advertising that you offer free DVR.
    DVR is $15 extra if you want to pass the commercials.

    • Evan

      Yeah YouTube TV sucks like that. Yiu have to be watching a channel to see what is on in an hour: So annoying. Why is the guide only hqlf an hour into the future?

  • Chris Chapman

    And still no love for the Android TV community……

  • mau47

    “A countdown timer and details regarding the next video is now also displayed at the end of playback on iOS and Apple TV devices.”

    Thank you! This has been my biggest issue. I rarely navigate in the hulu app since I generally use the Apple TV app so the rest of the stuff hasn’t been nearly as much of a problem.

  • Karl Childers

    If it weren’t for Apple’s TV app we would have dropped Hulu after they implemented the new UI.

  • Scott Blanchard

    Swipe up tray still only remembers the last two channels you’ve watched. Ideally, I’d like to be able to see the last 4. That would allow me to easily toggle between say ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and SEC Network. Or for news, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and Fox Business perhaps. You get the idea. The order of programs that appear on the swipe up menu appears somewhat random with the exception of the first two.

  • Scott Blanchard

    Do the Hulu Engineers even know about the Top Shelf feature of Apple TV? Every other app that I have on my top row (aka Top Shelf) shows content in the top banner area when I have the app icon selected. Its a very useful feature (Channels TV App does it very well). However, Hulu just shows their logo there. What a complete waste!

    I would love to see program thumbnails showing what’s live on my favorite channels in that space, along with a timer bar that shows how long the program has been on and how much time is left, and whether its recording to DVR or not. I could then easily click on a program to go right into watching it live without having to navigate through the Hulu app’s interface.

  • HeyRadar

    I wish they’d go back to their original Queue listing. It worked very similar to a DVR queue. If there are no outstanding episodes to watch, the series would disappear.

    Now the “Watchlist” is overcrowded because it keeps adding shows that you previewied and you have to go back and remove them. And it has all the series in there even if you’ve watched all the episodes.

  • Kelly Thomas

    Lets face it no one loves it stop lying to yourselves. I’ve been on hold for 40min waiting just so I can cancel. So sorry but your UI sucks a**.

  • Blu Soulstn

    every button push has a delay.. drives me insane. its like they thought hhmmm how can we make our interface as crappy and unusable as Netflix… well you succeeded. Go use Putlocker if you want any movie for free, I’m saying that as a lash back for their poor ideas