Hulu is Working to Be Friendlier for Hearing Impaired Viewers

the-mindy-project-promo-saison1-2jpg-72e2f3_1280wHulu announced this week that they have reached a deal with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). Part of this deal requires Hulu to close caption all of its full-length English and Spanish movies and shows by September 2016.

“Captioning is another type of control consumers can—rightfully—expect and enjoy,” said Arlene Mayerson, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund’s directing attorney representing NAD, in a statement. “Hulu’s actions and commitment to making its media accessible to deaf and hard of hearing subscribers demonstrates that it is possible to fully integrate the deaf and hard of hearing community into the online entertainment marketplace.”

This is not the first victory for NAD. A few years ago NAD filed suit against Netflix, charging that the streaming service violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to provide closed captioning for most of its content.

“We have tried for years to persuade Netflix to do the right thing and provide equal access to all content across all platforms,” said then-NAD president Bobbie Beth Scoggins. “They chose not to serve our community on an equal basis; we must have equal access to the biggest provider of streamed entertainment. As Netflix itself acknowledges, streamed video is the future and we must not be left out.”

This deal will make cord cutting easier for the hearing impaired. Hopefully more services follow suit and make their content friendly to those with disabilities.

Source: The Daily Dot

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  • JoJoTheModern

    This is an awesome move. I’ll always wonder why Hulu resisted such a simple change for so long, but at least they’re making it now.

  • Great move for Hulu! I myself am not hearing impaired, but I like having closed captions while watching.

  • Xanjwallander.

    I enjoy the captions on Netlfix. I don’t have hulu anymore since I found other ways to watch my favorite TV shows, but regardless, good news.

  • NashGuy

    I can’t believe Hulu is just now getting around to offering closed captions. Really? But then maybe that shouldn’t surprise me given that, for non-hearing impaired folks, they STILL don’t offer Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound (like virtually all major broadcast networks, Netflix, Amazon, etc.). But CC is the more basic of those two features, so I’m glad to see that they’re bothering to offer it now.

    • You’ve missed the point. Hulu has had closed captions, but only for some of the TV series and movies in their catalog. NAD has now convinced them to add captions for the rest of their videos (perhaps not all short clips will have captions though).

  • Luke, the deadline is a year from now, not sometime this month.