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How to Legally Watch Movies & TV Shows for Free

Ever wish you could legally watch some movies or TV shows 100% free? We got you covered with our top 10 legal ways to watch movies and TV shows for 100% free!

The following is our top 10 in no particular order…

#1 Tubi TV

Tubi TV has the largest list of free movies and TV shows of any streaming service with roughly 46,000 movies in its library thanks to deals with companies such as Paramount. It is a great place to find something to watch.

The best part is it is on almost every streaming device on the market today.

#2 Vudu

You may remember Vudu as that movie and TV show store where you buy stuff. Now it has something new called “Movies on Us.” Starting a few months ago it lets you watch a decent collection of movies on Vudu 100% free.

Vudu is available on Roku and Android TV players along with a host of other devices such as phones and tablets.

#3 Crackle

Crackle is owned and operated by Sony giving it a great collection of not only Sony movies and TV shows but a host of other great features. It works similarly to Netflix in that it has a rotating list of movies and TV shows.

Now unlike many other free services Crackle also has a collection of original programing from “Sports Jeopardy” to dramas to check out.

Crackle is on almost every streaming player on the market today.

#4 Your Library

Did you know your public library is not only a great place for DVDs but many now also offer streaming? Many public libraries have teamed up with services such as Hoopla to stream a ton of movies. Even some Disney classics such as Newsies can be found on the services from time to time. (As with all services you will find the catalog rotates.)

To get access to Hoopla you will need a free membership to your local library, so visit your library website or branch to learn more about what it offers.

#5 Smithsonian Channel

Watch full episodes and short videos from Smithsonian Channel’s vast library of shows about everything from space exploration to world history to wild animals to popular music.

You can find it on Roku here: https://channelstore.roku.com/search/smith

#6 Sci-Fi Station

Love some good sci fi? Sci-Fi Station on the Roku has thousands of free sci-fi movies.

You can add the Sci-Fi Station to your Roku here: https://channelstore.roku.com/details/83494/sci-fi-station-free-movies

#7 Yahoo View

Ever wonder what happened to all of the free content from Hulu? It moved over to Yahoo’s free new streaming service. For now it only works on computers, phones, and tablets. No word on any official streaming player support.

#8 Network apps and websites

Many networks such as Comedy Central and NBC offer 100% free access to a limited number of shows. Often you need to wait a week or more to see the free content, but it is a great option for anyone who does not want to pay.

#9 The CW

The CW has become a leader in free content to cord cutters. Now with its new app you can get next-day access to its shows 100% free.

Available on almost every major streaming player.

#10 Pluto TV

With over 75+ free live TV channels you get access to a wide range of shows and movies. You never know what you will find on Pluto.tv, so make sure to check back daily.

That is my list of legal ways to watch movies and TV shows for 100% free.

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  • Chris K.

    I personally have a soft spot for #3 Crackle. Toho Godzilla movies have been a guilty pleasure of mine since childhood, and they always seem to have a few available.

  • slim slender

    Kodi bro

  • Rob H.

    The CW app on Roku is good. It’s how I’m watching The 100 every week. Smithsonian is great if you like documentaries. I never gave tubitv a thought. I’ll have to check them out.

  • Pablo in Tuc-Town

    That’d be a big o’l…Hell Naw on all of these freebies!
    What’s the point of free if it’s all crap?

    • RowMan

      It’s not crap to everyone. My parents cut their $70 per month Dish Network service and now have OTA and only legally free movie, TV, and music channels for their Rokus. Their TV bill is now $0. Granted, they’re not huge television watchers and don’t mind watching commercials if it pays for their content. There are people out there who can get by solely on free services. You can even keep up on the latest network shows without a DVR if you have to as all the major networks usually offer the last five or so episodes for free for a limited period of time. My mother told me that she now watches more TV because what she has access to with the Roku is all on demand so she can watch when it’s convenient.