Meet Reelgood, a New Service to Help You Find FREE Movies & TV Shows

Want to be a cord cutter but hate paying a monthly fee for anything? That is where Reelgood comes in.

Cord cutters have access to a ton of great 100% free content, but it is scattered across many different websites and can often be hard to find.

Reelgood will help you find all the free movies and TV shows currently available to cord cutters. It does this by scanning a long list of sites to help find what is out there.

All you have to do is go to, find a show or movie you want to watch, and Reelgood will give you all the sites you can watch it for free on.

Reelgood currently only works on laptops and desktops. There are no Roku or Fire TV apps at this time; however, many of the services with free content listed like Vudu and Tubi TV or Crackle do have apps on a long list of streaming players.

Update: It seems they do have a Apple TV app now.

If you subscribe to paid services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime you can manually add these sites to your list of free movies and TV shows, allowing you to find the shows and movies you want no matter where they are located.

Other websites have done something similar but typically ask you for a monthly or yearly fee. Reelgood is 100% free. You can even create an account so you can follow shows for alerts when a new episode is added.

So if you love free content, check out Reelgood.

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  • Sean

    Good Stuff. I signed up!

    • Eli Chamberlin

      Thanks Sean! We hope you like what you see! Let us know if you have any feedback. You can email me directly at [email protected] . Can’t wait to show you all what’s in store when we come out of beta this summer!

      • Sean

        Thank You, Sir! – I will

  • Golfluvr13

    They have an app on the AppleTV.

    • Eli Chamberlin

      We do indeed! However, it does not support as much of the free content since a lot of the free content providers do not currently make their content easy to access through their apps. We’re working on it though! In the meantime please use the web app at and let us know if you have any feedback. Can’t wait to show you all what’s in store when we come out of beta this summer!

  • Adam

    Pretty neat website. I signed up too.

    • Eli Chamberlin

      Glad you like it Adam! Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you have any feedback on how we can make your watching experiences more seamless. Can’t wait to show you the new product when we come out of beta this summer!

  • Sunny Rain

    I just tried it and it looks like their content is very inaccurate and a lot of shows return no results even though they belong to the services included. Only the more popular content shows up. They probably add the content manually and don’t have an API to automatically pull the shows/movies from the various services. So, if you rely on this to discover shows, you will miss out on a lot of things.

    • Eli Chamberlin

      Hey Sunny! Eli here, product manager at Reelgood. With a content catalog of nearly 80,000 movies and shows, you can imagine doing this manually would be nothing short of impossible. However, also with such a large library, our beta API does return the occasional error or stale data. Especially since what is available free is constantly shifting as content providers change which episodes and titles that they offer very very frequently. Could you point me to the titles with missing or incorrect availability information and we can get this sorted out! Thank you! Feel free to email me directly [email protected]

      • Sunny Rain

        I was mainly looking for Amazon and Netflix shows which should be relatively steady since it takes months or years to remove a show. When I looked through different categories, the most affected category with most missing shows is kids shows like Backstage, Lost & Found Music Studios, So Awkward, Richie Rich, Some Assembly Required, Gortimer Gibbons, Just Add Magic, Project MC2, The Sparticle Mystery, Spooksville and many others. The only kids shows present are mainly those by Disney and Nickelodeon and even for those, you get the number of seasons wrong.

        But then even in the more mainstream content, hit shows like 13 Reasons Why are missing.

        • Eli Chamberlin

          Hey Sunny!

          We’ve looked into the issues you brought up and made some improvements: The big one is that we have added another 9,000 shows to our database, which should help cover most of the family content you’ve mentioned above. Also, there was a very specific id error that was occurring with 13 reasons why, which we are working on getting resolved and should be up by end of the day tomorrow. Thanks again for your feedback and feel free to share any more thoughts you might have!

          • Sunny Rain

            Good. That sounds promising.

  • AstroMonster

    You need to seriously take YouTube out of the collection of “free movies” search, it gives way too many false results (trailers and documentaries instead of actual movies or shows).

    • AstroMonster

      Do a search for Godzilla and you will see what I mean

      • Eli Chamberlin

        Thank you for the feedback! And I do see what you mean. Here’s what’s happening: the search does not filter based on source right now. Which is for two reasons: 1) when you search for something we want you to be able to find that specific title and then we can tell you where it’s available (free or on netflix or for rent.) so that we don’t leave any dead ends and 2) technical feasibility at our current state. Good news though! When we come out of beta this summer we will fully break out search results to show you what is available free to you versus what you would have to pay for. Please do let us know if you have more feedback or suggestions! And feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

        • AstroMonster

          That didn’t really answer the issue at all, no offense.

          The issue I had was that if you include YouTube in your pre set list of “free movie” sites, which you obviously do, it is going to give you a TON of false responses.

          All of the documentaries and trailers that came up were from YouTube.

          The easy solution is just to make YouTube an option that someone can include or not (like Netflix), at their own discretion. I actually am a YouTube Red subscriber and even I don’t want them to be included automatically

          Has nothing to do with me having to pay vs free.

          • Eli Chamberlin

            Sorry about that! I guess I’m being a bit dense on this one. Could you send me a screenshot of the experience you’re struggling with. We’d love to sort it out for you!

          • AstroMonster

            Actually, I am probably the one that should say sorry…I see what is happening now and I can explain it better.

            If the movie is unavailable, you are still showing the movie in the results as a trailer ( or in this case, (, a documentary.

            That is where the YouTube thing comes in. The trailers and documentaries are coming from YouTube.

            Personally, I would rather not have unavailable movies showing up as trailers or documentaries..but maybe that is just me.

            A couple of things I did notice..

            You REALLY need to add Vudu as a search option

          • Eli Chamberlin

            OHHHHH, Thank you so much for the clarification. I see what’s happening now. Since there is no source available it’s hiding the play button but keeping the trailer button which then slides into the spot where the play button normally is. There is actually supposed to be text there in lieu of the play button that that says “currently unavailable, watchlist it for updates.” Will fix that shortly.

            Also, in regards to Vudu, we do support it as a rental choice when a movie is available there as well as a free source when you are browsing. Still not able to add specific sources to the search function right now, but are working on it!

          • AstroMonster

            There’s a lot of promise in this…good luck with it 🙂

          • AstroMonster

            Also…Godzilla vs the thing shows not available…
            (and Godzilla vs the thing doesn’t get listed at all)

            but it is available to rent or buy with Amazon
            (or stream with a Shout Factory TV sub, but that is not required to buy or rent)

          • AstroMonster

            Thank you for taking the time to converse about it, btw

  • AstroMonster

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 11 shows as not being available on my resources, but it is on Netlfix (only on Netflix) and I have Netflix selected