Netflix Begins Testing Post-Roll Ads

Netflix_Web_LogoToday Cord Cutters News has received several messages from Xbox One users telling us they have started to see ads on Netflix for other Netflix shows. Apparently all of the ads shows for now are for Netflix Original shows but that could change in the future.

We reached out to Netflix inquiring about the ads showing on Xbox One and received the following statement “We are always testing new things via the service, many of which never see a rollout. We have nothing more to add at this point.”

Some users have reported seeing ads before a show would start but most report seeing it at the end of a show. All report that the ads are only for Netflix Original content.

Have you seen any ads on Netflix? If so please leave us a comment and tell us where you saw the ad and what the ad was for.

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  • Wally J

    Sigh…Netflix goes not sell ads Newsflash, those are not ads. They are PROMOS. Get a grip and be calm.

    • Admin

      I think a lot of people see promos as ads. They often happen during a ad block on TV and if it is for a different show I would call it a ad.

    • Charles

      It’s an advertisement for a show… but feel free to call it a promotional material. I love semantics as well.

  • Wally J

    You go to the theater. They play a trailer for a movie coming to that theater. Has that ever been referred to or called an ad?
    You rent a dvd. And there goes a bunch of trailers for the studio’s dvd releases. Nobody calls those ads.
    HBO, Showtime, Starz, Encore, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, and Epix run what, between their movies? Why, they show promos of the stuff they will be showing during the month.

    Netflix is just following their lead. Showing promos. Gasp! :rolleyes: Scream-scream-scream!!!


    • Meeee

      But the problem is they haven’t done it from the beginning. People are creatures of habit, and most of us gravitated toward Netflix because of the ease of binge watching, which they are already toying with now, with the new show Between. And lack of ads, promos and trailers. It’s going to tick people off, and rightfully so. You feel you pay for services because of things you like, when that is changed in any way, people get upset. And yes, “gasp scream scream,”. It may not be important to you, and makes you roll your eyes, but it’s important to most others. :/

  • Paul Guyer

    The REAL question is if these promos are cutting into any part of the actual movie? Some devices, like the Roku 3, already break into the end credits to show suggested titles to watch next. That would be OK if they waited until AFTER the end, but breaking into the credits is incredibly rude and I’ll cancel if I ever see it at home! I can’t believe they have the audacity to do that, all it does is irritate people.

    • Charles

      Hahahahaha, you’re funny

  • Jj

    HBO does this, too. But they put the promo at the start of the show.

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  • Plo Koon

    Netflix forced me to watch 20 second ads before I watched Lost yesterday. Both episodes I watched featured the ad before the show, and it could not be skipped. This was via the Netflix app on Tivo Roamio.

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