Netflix Has Limits on How Many Times You Can Download a Show

Last year Netflix added the ability to download movies and TV shows to phones and tablets. Now it seems that there are some limitations to the service.

You are only allowed to download a show or movies a finite number of times every year. This all comes from Android Police, who noticed that messages have started to pop up on some movies and TV shows.

Although Netflix has not listed what the limitations, the help page says “Due to studio limits, you may not be able to renew all titles. If you are unable to renew a title but would still like to watch it, you’ll need to connect to the Internet to stream.” So Netflix does say that that there will be times you won’t be able to download a show again.

This limitation is added to the fact that some offline content will auto delete 48 hours after you start to watch it.

Even with these limitations, the new Netflix offline option is a huge improvement. It takes away one of the features that Amazon used to standout from Netflix. It has become so popular that even Hulu has announced plans to release offline viewing.

Have you ever hit these limits? If so leave us a comment and let us know.

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  • Sunny Rain

    They’ve had these limits since they added the feature last year. They even have a help page dedicated to that limitation:

  • HeyRadar

    I’ve recently discovered this, even though I hadn’t technically ‘re-downloaded’ any shows.

    I had downloaded a lot of shows onto my device, to save data while traveling, and I kept renewing expired videos. Not re-downloading them. Just like I’ve done with Amazon.

    But eventually I started getting errors, and the error is not self explanatory. Only when I deleted the video and re-downloaded, did I get informed that I would have to wait 1 year before I could download it again.

    Kind of a bummer, but now that I know, I won’t stock pile videos from Netflix.

  • BigO

    Good to know for when we go on vacation.

  • Bruce Wayne

    “Due to studio limits…”

    And these idiots wonder why people pirate shows. Here we have people legally paying for a service and they want to limit them. Let them download to their hearts’ content. They re paying for it. I guess they would rather they download it illegally when they hit their limit. ?