Netflix is Moving Into an Impressive New Hollywood Headquarters

Netflix has seen impressive growth over the last few years. Now it is expanding into an equally impressive new Hollywood headquarters.

The new headquarters is a tower designed by Gensler Architects, rising nearly 200 feet off the ground. It will feature a penthouse with a tiered balcony, offering sweeping views of Hollywood.

At a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce event in November, Ted Sarandos—Netflix’s chief content officer—talked up the new facility but was somewhat vague about what it means for the company.

“A building like this is a statement—of who you are, what you believe, and what you want to do,” he said. “It’s aspirational for sure but beautifully functional. That’s why we fell in love with this project as soon as we toured it.”

“It’s going to be phenomenal,” Sarandos said. “It has the best views in town, I couldn’t believe it.”

Netflix not only is getting a new headquarters but also signed a lease for production space and a five-story office building, which is just across from the new tower. The five-story building is still under construction and is not expected to be complete before the summer of 2017.

The new headquarters will give Netflix some badly needed breathing room. This move in a strange way also helps Roku, which moved into part of the old Netflix headquarters. A strange twist for a company that originally built the first Roku as a Netflix streaming box before giving it to Roku.

Source: LA Times

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  • Don K

    Now if they would just spend some money to bring back their once extensive catalog of movies.

    • Ottis DA Da aD

      Why when they’re spending millions on Original content. You can watch reruns of the same movies anywhere.

      • Don K

        Why can’t they do both?

        • Lorenzo DeTampa

          “Original content” is fine, except then they need to spread the genres all around and thin-out the overall numbers of their own stuff in order to get the viewers who like a particular kind of movie (or TV show.) I, personally, am not interested in westerns, romance dramas, cops & robbers/detective dramas and probably more. So, usually pass by most of Netflix’ original stuff.

          • IBWTF

            Sounds like you just like watching test screens & test patterns or that monthly loud beeping test message that use to come on TV back in the day. You basically said that you don’t like watching anything lol.

    • TheAntiHero

      They actually still have quite an extensive catalog of movies, the problem is they geo lock what you can and can’t watch. I know there’s licensing and rights issues at play here that create this regional lock, but to what extent I wonder as they are constantly rotating movies in and out month to month. Can’t those movies just stay accessible as you add more to the fray? I couldn’t believe how many movies were available to watch when I looked into what other regions/countries had in their specific catalog’s a couple of months ago. Original content is great…I loved Stranger Things and can’t get enough of their Marvel offerings, but there’s plenty of movies I haven’t seen, even recently, that are in their catalog that I don’t have access to as US subscriber. I can’t be bothered with a VPN or a Dynamic DNS. As a result, I cancelled just this week and Kodi will fill in the void nicely. If they ever remove the regional lock then I would seriously consider coming back, but until that day I’ll be just fine with other streaming alternatives.