Netflix is Raising Their Price Starting This Month

Well it looks like your Netflix bill will soon be just a little more expensive.

Today Netflix announced that their standard Netflix HD plan with two simultaneous streams will go up from $9.99 to $10.99 per month. Their higher end plan 4K with four simultaneous streams will go from $11.99 to $13.99. The basic plan that offers a single SD stream will stay at $7.99 a month.

All of this will take effect today October 5th 2017 for new subscribers and current subscribers will start getting notifications on October 19th 2017 that their bill will go up on their next billing cycle.

Netflix did not state why they are raising the price but its likely in answer to growing costs of content and Netflix plans to spend $7 billion on new content in 2017.

This price hike comes right after we learned that Fox is pulling most of their shows this month and Disney will be pulling their movies in 2019. This price hike also means Hulu’s new commercial-free plan is just $1 more a month and will have most of the Fox shows that are being pulled this month.

Will this price hike effect your subscription to Netflix? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about it.

Source: Business Insider

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  • scarpad

    Yeah i think it will i sub to the 4k stream and their 4k just doesnt look all that gret, i also do the Live tv package from Hulu and pay $43 a month, but it seems like a better value for the live tv and sports and their complete catalog of movies and tv

  • VJ

    I just canceled my Netflix, not due to price, but because it stopped working with Chrome and I only get a black screen when the video is launched. Once their tech support found all my other video sources work and Netflix works on Internet Explorer, they said it is a Chrome problem and talk to them. So, rather than waste more time on such an attitude, I canceled and started up my old Amazon Prime, but just for the HBO channel. And yes, I have spent about 2 hours trying different fixes listed on Netflix for black screen problems – nothing solved it.

    • Tim Stoddard

      Did you try the browser reset all? It clears EVERYTHING back to just installed state.

    • itsjustmoi

      Right-click Chrome and select Run as Administrator. Then try Netflix again. That’s what worked for me when I was unable to watch Netflix in Chrome.

  • Kirby Baker

    Just cancelled Netflix last week mainly because they lack the content we want, and never used it as a result.

    • DannyMac

      Finally the rights holders are realizing that people want to stream video, but sadly for Netflix (and us) they can relatively easily rollout their own streaming services. That’s why Netflix is spending a ton on their own content, as more content gets pulled from Netflix, they need something to retain (and hopefully add) customers. Sadly, there will never be a one stop spot to get all your content at this point. Most people will need to sign up for more than one streaming service to get the content they desire, but one cool thing is that there have not been any contracts that require users to stick with one service and that pretty much all of them are cross compatible with multiple streaming devices. Amazon seems like an awesome alternative, but this is happening to them too.

      • BloodLust

        Netflix is going down the tube, I’ve been saying this for a while. Every one is coming up with streaming services. Netflix is no longer in a place to start raising prices. There market share given another year will be far less then it is today due to choice. Netflix will go the way of Blockbuster, Just give it time.

        • Ruby Melbourne

          Do you live to post negative comments on blogs!? lololol. Sort of sad, you know?

          • BloodLust

            Depends on the day, I just post my true feelings. Would you prefer me to say, I wish Netflix would raise their price to $100/month!! They are a worthy company worth every dollar I can afford to give them. I love Netflix!!!!!!!

          • SnowSledder

            If you’re going to complain, the least you could do is use a spellcheck and grammar-checker. All the mistakes are extremely annoying!

          • TaiPeng

            Grammar Nazi spotted.

          • TaiPeng

            I hate Ned Flanders neighborino. We are realists not idealists.

      • TaiPeng

        Consumers just need to think of services in terms if their favorite movie studios instead of their favorite movies.

        • Colton

          I agree, that’s mainly why I use Hulu, because the main shows I enjoy are from the 4 major networks, like modern family, almost everything Seth McFarland does, superstore, etc. those are the networks I like, so I found a place where I can get that content. I know you’re talking about movies, but same principle applies.

    • tbird2252

      Agree, NFLX content beginning to suffer. NFLX stock up over 5% on news of the price increase. Be interesting to see how many cancelled subs they receive. The whole streaming universe is like one BIG BUFFET. Take and try what you want and leave the remainder for someone else to enjoy!!!

  • Duelingdragon

    I cancelled Netflix two months ago because their content did not meet my needs. My goal was to subscribe for a month to watch S2 of Stranger Things. I will still do that, but one month will be all for me. If Stranger Things was available on blu ray or vudu, I’d probably just wait and buy it.

    • BloodLust

      Just torrent the shit.

  • JoJoTheModern

    No, I’ll go ahead and keep paying for the second screen, but man… for some reason this extra dollar annoys me. Probably more than it should.

    • JGaLaXY

      its the way they go about it, like no warning, by the way, its going up…thinking about shutting it down for slow months when i dont watch it

      • Vegas Steve

        Yeah, that’s what I do. I sub for a month at a time, binge watch, then drop it.

  • Rick AndRock

    Probably will cancel after Christmas. Only use it during Sept thru Dec. and once in a blue moon during the year. I have been a subscriber since Feb 2010 but with raising prices again in a year and losing content and no live programming like they used to have it’s just not as good of a value that it used to be.

  • Lyntill

    I just downgraded my plan to the $7.99 version. I’m going to catch up on a couple of series that I’m watching now and then I will probably cancel for awhile.

    There is currently more than I can watch between DTVN, Hulu on Demand and Amazon Prime. I may wait until summer to go back to Netflix.

  • Jon Schumacher

    Not a bad value. They are getting to the tipping point soon though. 14.99 for 4K is max I would go.

    • TaiPeng

      I pay that for HD movies on iTunes.

  • Spencer Karter

    SMH! But I hate inflation with a passion. Ted Sarandos must go, he ruined NETFLIX.

  • Iphart

    Thanks for the info. I have the 4k stream which will be $14 and will cancel. I rarely watch some of their original content but nothing else.

    • Vegas Steve

      I really think their 4k stream is a ripoff. Content is pretty weak in 4k and honestly, unless you have a massive TV, it’s not all that noticeable.

  • Robert Beier

    For now I will stick with them, but as they move to more and more original content, the less value I see. Especially as Hulu gains what they lose. Don’t get me wrong, I like the move to original content and watch some of it, but the more they have the harder it is to keep up. And eventually I will just stop trying altogether.

  • Jim Smith

    I just canceled my Netflix dvd subscription. I’ll keep the streaming service. However, they are now to where it’s an annual event with increasing their prices. I’m sure soon enough I’ll cancel the streaming service as well.

  • Fred Koot

    Probably go to the Bluray plan, now that they are close in price and can watch anything in better quality.

  • chjode

    Just in time for me to cancel. I’ve been on the fence with the increasing number of shows leaving Netflix and most of what they’re adding is of no interest to me.

  • Once again very happy I cancelled a couple months ago.

  • Nathan

    Technically the extra dollar is not that big of a deal to me, but in principle I’m against why they are raising the prices so I might just cancel. I’m much more interested in the things leaving Netflix than all of their original content they are likely going to spend this extra money on. So I think it is time to pull the plug on Netflix and use the vastly improved Hulu until they inevitably decide to do the same thing and I make the switch to something new.

    • Robert Frankenfield

      I used to like Hulu but not since they updated it. The colors changing with each click of the button drives me crazy. The interface has now basically turned me off to it. I wish there was a way to turn the damn thing off.

  • I will be cancelling my subscription. Netflix’s lineup has become very boring to me. I have been annoyed since they lost Everybody Loves Raymond, and now Malcolm in the Middle is gone. How soon before other favorites disappear? The only reason I subscribed was to get older content that’s not on tv anymore. I can’t see myself paying more just so they can afford to stream their original programming that just doesn’t interest me in the first place.

    • NashGuy

      I think you’d be much happier with Hulu ($8 with ad or $12 without ads). Hulu now has a LOT more of the older TV shows that Netflix used to have. Plus Hulu offers next-day access to current shows from ABC, Fox and NBC.

      • Thanks NashGuy, I’ll have to look into it. Someone else told me it was much cheaper and much better but I didn’t do anything about it because I suppose I hate change, lol. $8 with ads sounds great. 🙂

  • Joanne Smith

    A dollar isn’t to bad for most. But being a senior citizen on Social Security, it does hurt. I will keep for now, but may cancel if Hulu raises theirs. My TV is my only entertainment and I watch/listen all day.

    • Jillxz

      A dollar this year , a dollar next year , a couple of dollars the next and on and on. Will become as expensive as cable eventually

  • Dan Fissel

    Well I end up cancelling when my 6 months i got for my S8 is up then just Use plex and torrent any content I want to see from them…

  • georgeshiflett


    • Ruby Melbourne

      I think your caps lock is broken.

    • TaiPeng

      Same as YouTube Red. At least make content that does not lampoon conservatives constantly.

  • GersonT1000

    I wonder if T-Mobile will still be covering the $10.99 with their new Netflix feature, and if we will just have to pay $3 on our phone bill to get the 4K version.

  • Christopher Strader

    I’ll more then likely keep my Netflix although I do not use it as much as I used to. I just like having Netflux as an option

  • Ruby Melbourne

    I will still be getting it free on T-Mobile. Woo hoo.

    • Soyntgo4it

      No one cares Tmobile sucks

      • David Sosa

        Tmobile can be spotty but in some areas its a better service than the competition.

  • Margaret

    Nope, Netflix is a great service. I don’t mind paying the extra dollar. I have Amazon Prime and HULU, also. All of the tv and movies I want at a better price than cable or satellite!

    • Jillxz

      Yea for right now , but with yearly price increases it won’t take very long to be paying cable prices. See they have you locked in and others just like you , so they keep on raising prices cause they know your going to pay the price regardless .

  • Bryce Wilson

    It’s just a buck… $12 a year…cost of going to see one movie. I thinks it’s worth it.

    • TaiPeng

      Annually it’s $12 more dollars. $132 versus $144.

    • Jillxz

      Just a buck. Raising a buck here , two bucks there for years =cable prices. That was how cable got so expensive.

      • Just Me

        Exactly. Not to mention when everything else goes up a buck here, a buck there. People think it doesn’t make a difference but history (increase in prices) prove otherwise.

  • Karl Childers

    We have an Apple TV and because Netflix doesn’t integrate with the TV app I find that it gets used a lot less than Hulu, HBO, etc. I’ve considered cancelling over the past several months and this might give me the push that I need to pull the plug. I’ll have to wait until after the second season of Stranger Things though. 🙂

  • Paul

    I have the 4k stream right now, I think I might downgrade to the cheaper package. I really haven’t found what the value is with it. Also, I am kinda worried that if Netflix raises their prices, will other streaming services raise their prices too.

  • Richard Footitt

    This makes T-Mobile’s offer of free Netflix on the One plan all that much better. Pretty good deal if you have that plan.

    • Soyntgo4it

      They offer it case they know their cell service sucks lmfao shut up

    • TaiPeng

      It’s free because nobody wants it.

  • Just Me

    I quit Netflix last year when the movie content started to slump. I still like some of the Netflix originals but after I binge watch those, I’m left for months with a lag. What I do now is wait until all my favorite originals are released, sign up for one month and watch them. Then, I cancel again until next year. Don’t laugh. It works for me. hehe

  • Tom

    They raised the price of gas over 50 cents a gallon because of the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Nobody said a thing, because it’s just what happens. (The oil companies are ripping us off.) So it cost me an additional $7.50 every time I fill up. Nobody said anything about the increase because we accept whatever the oil companies do.
    I’ll drive less and save the $2.00 a month to cover the increase. It’s better for the environment anyway.

  • Tania Nord

    Its still cheap than cable or satellite. Netflix is creating a lot of new content so this is to be expected.

    • Jillxz

      But not for long as they keep raising prices . How do you think cable got so expensive? By raising prices a dollar or two a year

  • TaiPeng

    Good more people will stop using it. I’m tierd of hearing the future of TV is Netflix. It isn’t.

  • Jillxz

    They are behaving like cable and satellite by raising prices every year. They think you can’t do without them so they just keep raising prices . Nope not me. I can live without Netflix . I have other options.

    • Just Me

      Me too. I don’t have cable or satellite any longer, either. Since I cut them, I knocked my bill from $100+ a month to a mere $25. And no contracts.

  • Coffeeman

    I just cancelled my Netflix subscription that I had since before they even had streaming service . Mainly due to the fact that there is nothing I want to watch on there. I loved the Fox shows (gone), don’t care for their original content ( the fist sucked, the ranch was that 70s show with horses) or if I did it was cancelled unexpectedly ( Marco Polo) and no new movies to watch.

    • Just Me

      Right! Companies are starting to to pull their content from Netflix. Couple years ago it was Epix, Now it’s Disney, As these companies offer standalone sites, Netflix won’t have much to offer or will have to pay more to acquire them. Netflix had a good run but now it’s just not worth paying ten dollars a month when there are other options.

  • Colton

    After getting my 4K Apple TV I subscribed to Netflix 4K and I got to tell you, most of their shows are crap. They are either so politically correct it’s not enjoyable. Their dramas are good, but I’m more of a comedy show guy, and their stand up comedy shows aren’t that funny either. Master of none is good, but I think that has more to do with Aziz just being a great actor, than anything Netflix is doing.

    Bottomline, with this price hike I’m going to cancel, just not enough content for my tastes.