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Netflix Wants to Offer More Family-Friendly Originals

Netflix has made a name for itself in the world of original content. Just this week Netflix won several Golden Globe awards for its originals.

However, many of Netflix’s originals are not what many would call family friendly and that is something Brian Wright, VP of Family Content at Netflix and a former Nickelodeon exec, said Netflix wants to change.

“We don’t care how people watch our shows at the end of the day,” says Wright. “Only that they watch them. Getting parents and kids to talk about it afterwards is the real trick.” “There’s a hole in the TV landscape” said Brian Wright in an interview with Cnet. “isn’t offering a lot for families in the scripted space.”

The first move into more high-quality family-friendly programming is the release of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” that will premier January 13, 2017; however, it won’t stop there, for example, later in 2017 Netflix will release “Green Eggs and Ham” a 13-episode animated comedy based on the Dr. Seuss book by the same name.

Netflix plans to have half of its catalog be original content in the future and it seems as though they plan to make a big part of that family-friendly content.

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  • HeyRadar

    About time.

    At least drop the shows back down to TV-14. All this TV-MA is unnecessary. Especially since they don’t specify what kind of content is triggering the TV-MA rating.

  • About time. All along it’s either been ludicrous Sci-Fi shows or some raunchy and violent TV series peddled as art. Give us some realistic shows.

  • Jakewwa

    I’m not sure Brian Wright has the right definition of “Family Friendly”. The content needs to be something that both the adult and the child wants to watch. Green Eggs and Ham doesn’t sound like something I’m going to want to watch.

    Most of our TV watching is from the ’60’s, Hallmark Channel, BBC/PBS TV series. There’s been a lot of awesome TV series without sex and violence.

  • Jakewwa

    I’ve been tempted to try out PureFlix.

  • mwsasser

    Looks like they are pushing into a lot of new areas. They are advertising for a director of new anime as well. Must have so many years in the industry and should speak some japanese. I wonder if they will get someone from crunchyroll or funimation.