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Netflix is Working On a Button to Skip Opening Credits

Are you binge watching a show and hate to see the same opening over and over  again? Well Netflix wants to help with that.

Netflix is testing a button that would let you skip the opening credits on some shows, according to a report from The Verge. This week some Twitter users spotted a “skip intro” button that appears when you hover over the title sequence for shows including Netflix originals House of Cards and Iron Fist, and Mad Men and The Office (third-party shows). The button seems to work both with shows that begin with the title sequence and those that include one after a cold open. (First start with a part of the show than the credits.)

The best part is if you are auto-playing for you, in many cases the opening sequence will be skipped automatically. Meaning your binge watching days are about to get even better.

This will save binge watchers a lot of time. If you watch all 13 episodes of House of Cards in a single day you will save almost 20 minutes by not having the opening credits for the show. With some shows having 22 or more episodes that can really start to add up.

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  • Karl Childers

    The Apple TV remote makes it easy to scrub through videos but I know I would still appreciate this feature.

    • Yeah, fast forwarding through the opening credits on Roku is easy, but I too would appreciate having an option to skip ahead automatically.

  • Ottis DA Da aD

    Some intros I enjoy watching over and over during the binge. I wish that the button would work for ending credits as well. For the shows that have the beginning credit it already skips those on binge if you get to that 10 second countdown when the credits start.

  • GersonT1000

    What I want them to work on is to take off the “feature” they made last year of auto playing a video when you’re reading the info screen. They should have a setting for turning this feature on/off.