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Netflix Is Working on Custom Versions of Shows for Mobile Devices

Ever been watching a Netflix show on your phone or tablet only to find out it is far from perfect? Subtitles are hard to read or something small on screen made almost impossible to see on your phone?

Well Netflix feels your pain and is working on it. Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said Netflix is planning on recutting its original shows and films for mobile devices.

The idea is to look at common issues such as brightness levels to help darker phone screens not hide important segments. Netflix is also looking at redoing closed captions to make them easier to read on different devices.

The Verge first reported this news and says Netflix is working on these recuts but that it could take years for them to hit all devices.

The idea of recutting a show or movie for different devices is not new. Most noticeably are the recuts of movies to fit older TV screens. This often raises real issues for fans of the original because often something was lost when it was moved over to TV from film, especially if viewers don’t want to see black bars.

For now Netflix has not announced what shows will first see these recuts.

Source: The Verge

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