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The NFL is Reportedly Planning to End Verizon’s Exclusive Mobile Rights

The imaginary stadium is modelled and rendered.For about four years, not Verizon has had exclusive rights to NFL games on mobile devices. This means if you want to watch an NFL game on your phone it needs to be done through Verizon’s NFL Mobile app. If you are using a service like DIRECTV NOW when you try to stream an NFL game on your phone on a mobile network you are likely to see a blackout message.

That contract with Verizon ends at the end of this season and according to a Sports Business Journal report today. According to the report the NFL plans to end that deal and will seek to spread around mobile rights.

This could give services like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, DIRECTV NOW, and more the opportunity to stream NFL games on mobile devices. Now exactly how that would work and what rights the NFL plans to sell is currently unknown.

The source who talked to the Sports Business Journal said:

Only customers of Verizon can stream games on their phones, which has become an irritant for entities like ESPN, which pay for rights to platforms like “Monday Night Football” but then cannot offer it on mobile. Making the games available on as many platforms as possible is the goal, the NFL source said. Verizon could retain its sponsorship and rights to stream games, but it appears other mobile companies would get the opportunity to air the streams too. 

Back when this deal was first made with Verizon there was no Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DIRECTV NOW, and others. Quickly the way people watch NFL games is changing and it looks like the NFL wants to change with them.

Just keep in mind this change will not happen until next year. Verizon still has exclusive mobile rights for the 2017-2018 season.

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  • Sean Berends

    “For about four years, not Verizon has had exclusive rights to NFL games on mobile devices.”

    Not Verizon?

    • Phuq_Me

      Cord Cutters News can’t afford to hire editors apparently.

      • Dogman

        Why don’t you guys volunteer to edit the articles before the articles are published? I’m sure Luke would appreciate that! For all the articles that Luke puts out, a few grammar errors can be expected! Do you donate to Cord Cutters thru Patreon to keep these articles coming?

        • Phuq_Me

          I’m sure most editors get paid. If I’m doing someone else’s works I expect to be paid.

          • Randy Smith

            *else’s work

  • vikings football

    nfl sunday ticket should be available to everyone,,,fawk the exclusive deal bs. that is why many people just go to free sites that stream nfl games and other sports.

    • Phuq_Me

      A) This article isn’t about Sunday Ticket B) Sunday Ticket being exclusive to DirecTv is no excuse to watch content illegally. If I feel a movie ticket is priced to high that justifies me sneaking in the back door?

      • Randy Smith

        *too high

        • Phuq_Me

          grammar nazi I see.

          • StoJa

            You’re the one bitching about the lack of editors on the site. Get a little sand up your vagina when somebody points out the irony back to you.

  • bobinc

    Would be nice to see the NFL open up access to games in more ways/places. I know it would be nice to check games on the go but I have doubts they make it happen though. They very much like to sell out everything as an exclusive. So much so you can’t even say Super B… I mean “Big Game” without being talked to by NFL lawyers.

    • Phuq_Me

      what are you talking about? “I know it would be nice to check games on the go but I have doubts they make it happen though. They very much like to sell out everything as an exclusive.”

      That is EXACTLY why the NFL is ending the Verizon contract so MORE companies can offer mobile streaming. Did you READ the article? Obviously not. MORE eyeballs watching games=MORE money for the NFL. Never heard of the NFL wanting LESS money.

      • bobinc

        Sorry I wont post my thoughts again without your permission. I forgot your all knowing.

        • Carl Brenda

          Careful there! He’ll charge you to correct your grammar.

          • Phuq_Me

            No that’s Randy Smith’s job apparently

        • Phuq_Me

          Why are your panties in a bunch? Did I say you couldn’t express your thoughts? It’s CLEAR you didn’t read the article because the complaint you made was the EXACT thing the NFL intends on fixing by not renewing the Verizon deal. That’s kind of like you complaining that your local McDonald’s doesn’t have McRibs the day after they actually brought back McRibs.

  • David Harvath

    just fyi. I had a hulu trial and watched NFL on my galaxy s7 edge while shopping with the wife. All I had to do was check the “Request Desktop Site” in my chrome browser and log into hulu live