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A New & Convincing Netflix Scam is Making the Rounds

Fake emails and random phishing calls are nothing new; however, now there seems to be a new Netflix scam that is aggressively going around. If you get an email from Netflix saying your payment failed and to please login so you can update your payment details don’t do it. So why is this scam so […]

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The FCC Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About DirecTV Now

U.S. Federal Communications Commission today told AT&T it has “serious concerns” about DirecTV Now and whether rivals will be able to compete with the online video service that will cost $35 a month and demanded that AT&T reply before November 21st 2016. The FCC wireless telecommunications bureau told AT&T the owners of DirecTV Now in a letter […]

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DirecTV Now Adds Starz to Their Lineup

Today it was announced that DirecTV Now will offer eight Starz and Starz Encore channels when DirecTV Now the new live TV streaming service that launches later this month. DirecTV Now, will start at $35 a month, has not announced a release date or a full lineup of channels yet. Starz said it will be […]

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You Can Now Setup Your Roku to Auto Launch a Channel

We are slowly learning of all the new features the recent Roku 7.5 update has added. One of the announcements about the new update is the ability to pick a Roku Channel that will auto launch when a USB is added. New in firmware version 7.5, developers can now enable channels to automatically launch when […]

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Stop Overpaying for HDMI Cables!

As a rash of new streaming players hit the market I have been receiving a lot of questions about new HDMI cables. Do you need a new HDMI cable for a new player? Is it worth the extra money to buy the high-end cable? Will inexpensive cables give the same image? Typically there is no […]

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PlayStation Vue Subscribers Are Very Upset Right Now

This week Sony announced that their PlayStation Vue streaming service would be dropping Viacom channels this weekend. Maybe it should not be a surprise that subscribers did not take this well but just how badly they took it is a shock. From Reddit and Twitter to the PlayStation Vue blog and even Cord Cutters News […]

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Tubi TV is Adding Even More FREE Anime

Toei Animation inc. the owners of Dragon Ball series, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Saint Seiya, and many others has signed a deal with Tubi TV the FREE Netflix like service, to bring several of its top animated properties to the popular streaming platform. Set to debut on November 9, the deal encompasses ten English sub-titled series, […]

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