PlayStation Vue Adds The Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, & Hallmark Movies

Today PlayStation Vue quietly added the Hallmark Channel to their Core for $44.99 a month plus taxes and higher packages. The Hallmark Movies & Mystery and Hallmark Drama channel was added to the Elite plans for $54.99 a month plus taxes.

PlayStation Vue is the first to add the Hallmark Drama channel. Sling TV starting at $25, FuboTV at $39.99, and DIRECTV NOW starting at $35 already had the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Moives Channel.

The Hallmark Channel features a diverse slate of original family-friendly content including light-hearted romantic movies, primetime scripted series, annual specials, and Emmy-nominated two-hour daytime lifestyle program, “Home & Family,” plus 20 hours of on-demand programming. In addition to Hallmark Channel’s original offerings, Sling TV subscribers will also have access to the network’s lineup of series, including “The Middle,” “I Love Lucy,” “Golden Girls” and “Frasier.”

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Crown Media Network’s second general entertainment network, also available today in Lifestyle Plus Extra, brings more of Crown Media’s programs to Sling TV with original dramatic films and popular mystery movie series.

No word at this time if PlayStation Vue will support login for Hallmark apps. We will update this story as we learn more.

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  • Michael Smith

    Wow! My wife is really happy that vue added the three Hallmark channels to our package. Just in time for her holiday movie watching. Hopefully Vue will add the A&E Network channels (history, fyi…) soon. Must be their new CEO at Sony Entertainment is seeing the writing on the wall with their viewing options lately.

    • Brian @chatlegion.com

      Agreed! They need to work on that A&E deal. I’m paying for Sling right now also JUST for A&E. Need me some Live PD and the show about Scientology bust.

      • Daniel

        ditch Sling and get Philo (if you use Roku’s), more channels for lower price while you wait on Vue to get the A&E networks

        • Nathan John Ganiere

          and better overall service in Philo……….

          • Daniel

            or you can ditch Vue to (unless you NEED the sports/news channels on Vue) and do Sling for hallmark and Philo for everything else

          • Dean G

            Sling doesn’t have enough locals, they have sat stagnant in that regard. But having almost any of the lower tier plus Philo is still a good value.

  • mark pettigrew

    Raleigh area added MyTv, WEtv, and Hallmark cahnnels. Just waiting for WRAL(nbc) (which is on HULU, YouTube TV, and DTVNow) FOX and CBS.

    • Carl Collie

      I live in Raleigh, after moving from Charlotte, where all but NBC are available, was very disappointed to only have ABC. The problem is the FOX and NBC are owned by Capital Broadcasting and since they are an independent it may be a while. I did talk to the General Manager and he said they were actively working on getting on all the providers, starting with Hulu and YouTube. I am able to get them all with an antenna, but it is just a pain in the butt to have to switch from Vue to the Tablo app when sport surfing.

  • Dean G

    I was excited to see this today on my guide!!! Couldn’t believe they even added Drama, even cable companies don’t all carry this yet.

  • Lynnneez

    YESSS!!! I must have the round the clock the holiday movies and I am not even kidding….

  • Chris Hill

    Love the Xmas movies I can watch now 🙂

  • Battlestar

    Just in time to binge on Christmas movies!

  • rhf

    awesome!!! happy wife happy life

  • Robert Anthony Hartzell

    As much as I’d love to come back to Vue, the price isn’t worth it. No locals available here, and we have an antenna/Tablo combo anyways. It’s nice to see something added though. Now if they had A&E and NHL Network, I’d be pretty happy with their selection.

  • Diamond Dave

    It would be awesome if this article was edited before being posted. Misspellings and a confusing article structure (starts out about PS Vue and then inexplicably focuses on Sling TV), make this article a waste of time.

  • carl_steve

    The article neglected to mention that all 3 Hallmark channels are also available on Vue’s Ultra plan. The Access plan doesn’t include any of them.

    • paul

      Access doesn’t include sports channels either. I have the core plan. I get the hallmark channel, but not the other two. I used to watch hallmark all the time when the waltons was on. Looks like it’s all christmas stuff for now.

  • Herman222

    Oh boy! Wife + 3 Hallmark channels = BOOM! There goes my data cap!

  • Nick Carnevale

    People really watch this nonsense?

    • nimbyyg

      I was thinking quantity over quality, but at least there are people who watch this particular nonsense.

    • paul

      What are you calling nonsense? Just asking