PlayStation Vue Adds MLB Network

Today PlayStation Vue gave some great news for MLB fans. Starting today the MLB Network launches on PlayStation Vue. This will give PlayStation Vue subscribers access to 40 regular season MLB games just in the month of April 2017. You also get access to many preseason MLB games on the MLB Network as we get ready for the official start of Major League Baseball in April.


We have contacted PlayStation Vue asking for details of what packages will have the MLB Network and will update this story when we learn more.

Update: We just heard back from Sony and the MLB Network will be apart of the PlayStation Vue’s core plan. So starting at $35 ($45 in some markets) you can get the MLB Network with no long term contract.

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  • Craig Werner

    I’ve been waiting for this to come to Sling TV since last April . Now this may be a reason to switch over.

    • Joe Siegler

      Same here. I’m really surprised MLBN isn’t on all of the networks out there. I did dance with DirecTV Now for a bit, but in the end stayed with Sling. If they add MLBN, I’m probably stuck there for good.

  • Jim Carter


  • Scot Koch

    It’s not showing on the home page yet, but I have Core Slim, and it’s included in my channel lineup. Just need to have MLB add PS Vue to their subscriber list next.

  • Roy Aguilera

    There are several mistakes in the update. FYI core is the second least expensive plan. So Access users will not have it.

  • Carl Collie

    That is win for the consumer, more content for no additional cost. I wish they would add the NHL Network and I would be happy.

  • Richard smith

    Showing up twice in the guide, don’t know if they are just duplicates or different feeds.

  • Bruce Wayne

    PlayStation Vue proving once again why they are the superior streaming TV service.

  • BrianH1972

    MLB missing was the ONLY reason I stayed with DTV Now. Last night more blackouts, tonight more Qp-1011 errors. Poor service, worst customer service of any service I have ever seen is DTVNow.

    I am done with it. Adios…. DTV

  • BrianH1972

    Thank You, PSVue! Last year I cut the cord and tonight I cut the stupidity. I switched back to Vue. I prefer to pay the extra $10 per month for a reliable service.

  • stetsonaw

    Note MLB Network through Vue is available for home network only, and is not an option for signing in on their website (m.mlb.com/network/live). But very happy to be able to DVR Intentional Talk, those guys are great. And I’ll have to punish my wife sometime with Mad Dog’s yelling… and train the kids to do his signature intro, haha!