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PlayStation Vue is Moving The Discovery Family Channel

Today PlayStation Vue emailed subscribers notifying them that the Discovery Family channel will be leaving the Access and Core plans and moving to the Elite plan. Now if you want access to the Discovery Family channel you will need to be an Elite subscriber as of November 29th 2017.

At that time if you did not upgrade to the Elite plan any DVR recordings will be removed and all on-demand content will be gone.

Here is the email they sent subscribers:

Sony has not explained why they are moving the channel and typically they do not disclose such details.

Yesterday just in time for Thanksgiving, PlayStation Vue also announced that they are giving away free upgrades to its Elite package but don’t expect an email telling you that you got the upgrade. Several readers yesterday told Cord Cutters News that they just suddenly saw a ton of additional channels in their PlayStation Vue app.

This upgrade will give lucky PlayStation Vue subscribers access to the $64.99 a month Elite plan that includes 90-plus HD channels. After the free upgrade ends, subscribers will automatically be returned to the plan they had before the free upgrade.

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  • Craig W

    Oh the Drama of Vue! Makes me glad to be a long time Sling subscriber. Every week it’s another story about what’s changing, beeping added, being dropped or a price increase. Keep it up Sony and soon you’ll just be a memory. They just don’t get it.

    • Fred Koot

      Just Evolving,.Vue keeps getting better. Loving the Alexa controls.

    • Dean G

      I’m sorry, Sling is no better. Want ABC, you need to pay and additional $5 and only available on Orange with Broadcast Extra. Vue is raising the fee (kind of, they discontinued the slim package), but is also adding locals all across the country with the 4 big networks. Sling isn’t even attempting to add them in any meaningful way. Want DVR, extra. Want news, extra. If I added up all the channels I get with Vue next to Sling, You need both the Blue and Orange at $40 + $5 for ABC and we didn’t get into adding in the packages yet. I’d pay more with Sling than I do with Vue and be missing the big 4 locals. Where’s the value in that? I don’t care that Sling has some of the Viacom channels, most are crap plus I have Philo anyhow.

      • David Batten

        I disagree. I have had Sling for over a year and never lost a channel or had a price increase. I have only had channels added with lots of free weekends etc. on the premium channels.
        I only pay $25 and happy with stable Sling package. For me, it is not about the number of channels, but a good price for great service.
        As far as locals go. I have 26 (my filtered list) OTA channels from an antenna and I receive 71 channels in total. I do not want nor am I willing to pay for what I get more of for free.

        So, I like the fact that Sling has made the decision not to be in a push to add 4 local channels and make everyone pay the cost. I realize that an antenna does not work for everyone. But at the same time, I should not have to pay extra because of that. With both VUE and DTVNOW pushing to add as many locals as they can. They are acting like the cable companies as everyone has to share the cost of it. I first cut the cord back in 2009 and only subscribed to an OTT (cable replacement) for a little over a year. I wont go back to paying for a ton of crap that I don’t watch. Sling currently provides a nice balance.

        • Dean G

          Well for you it may not be about the channels however for me it is along with service. I also have an antenna but guess what, I still want locals on my service and I want a DVR. Well actually you should and do pay extra for it no matter the system.

          I’ve noticed you failed to understand what I wrote in comparison between Vue and Sling as to the original posting, but took it off in a total different direction. The fact you want to spend the least amount as possible getting zero of the channels is fine for you, however it is not fine for me nor what I think IMO most people are looking for.

          I’ve had a free upgrade on Vue for months now to the Elite package but only paying for Access. I still go until January 2018, so there is that. Sling gives you a free weekend I’ve gotten 6 months of free upgrades, hardly compares.

          That’s great Sling works for you in paying only $25 for very little channels, you’d be better off going over to Philo then and paying $16 for more channels you get with Sling. However getting back to the original point of the post, one would spend more with Sling over Vue getting the channels most people want not the people looking for free everything.

          • DON

            Totally disagree! Philo does not have TNT, TBS, FS1 etc.. no sports so it is no where near sling tv. You seem to be hating on sling. I agree if you want a bunch of channels ( that frankly I do not watch) then PS Vue is good for you. If you want something closer to the channels you watch and do not want to pay $40 a month ( I pay $25 for sling blue plus I am beta’d into the dvr (so free for me), then sling is the way to go.

        • Fred Koot

          I tried Sling blue with a Dvr . It cost $34 with tax. Vue is $40 and no tax. No comparison, For $6 more a month Vue is a no Brainer.

          • Steven Hannestad

            have no comedy central, mtv, bein channels,etc. dvd kinda sucks. glad i left (not getting any better)

        • Robin Carmack

          I have tried all of them and am staying with Sling. Vue’s guide is too much for me. It makes me dizzy. I don’t understand why they don’t scroll top to bottom like normal. All the services were good except Hulu live. I found it to be terrible – horrible UI. This is a to each his own deal. It is just all about what you want and like. If I only used an Apple tv I would have DNow because I like traditional guides. Anyway, I am just glad that we have the choices now. It is a good time to be a cord cutter.

          • Debbie M

            My Vue guide scrolls top to bottom like normal.

          • Robin Carmack

            When I had Vue, it went from left to right.

          • Debbie M

            They must’ve updated it since I guess?

          • carl_steve

            It depends on which device you’re using. In the new Roku interface, channels scroll up and down, while time slots scroll left and right. On Amazon and PlayStation, channels scroll left and right, while time slots scroll up and down.

          • Debbie M

            I didn’t know that. Thanks! I’ve got Roku and am loving the update.

      • Craig W

        As it has been said before… You find a package that works best for you. That’s what is so good about having choices. For me that package is Sling. I’m on the fringe of receiving the all the major networks OTA. The only one I haven’t been able to get reliably is ABC. Low VHF , but that is still a work in progress. I just know that I have more content now than I ever had with cable and it’s $120 a month cheaper. Happy Thanksgiving

        • Dean G

          Exactly how I am now as well. I was paying $182 a month now not even hitting the $70 mark and I have 3 times as many channels. Happy Thanksgiving!

          • Craig W

            The add-on packages are what sets Sling apart from the competition. You pay less for the base package and add what you want for the time you want. I have Blue with the sports add-on which I cancel after the NHL season ends. I have the 100 hour DVR from being a beta tester that I fill with enough movies during the free previews to keep me entertained until the next free preview comes along. I do not see changing what I have for something else.

      • John Burgess

        expect people got a price increase and do have have even one local channel. my last month of vue.

      • DON

        The point of having sling is that there is no need to match Vue channel for channel. Vue has a lot of extra channels, but I would not watch 2/3 of them. Why pay $15 a month extra for channels I do not watch? Also, you cannot take vue with you outside of the house. I can watch my sling anywhere in the country.

        • carl_steve

          “you cannot take vue with you outside of the house”

          That statement is not correct as explained on the Vue FAQ page:

          “While on a mobile device or desktop browser outside your home network, you can watch all the channels and programs in your plan except most live NHL games and On Demand CBS programming.

          Whether in or out of your home network, NFL games are not available live on mobile phones but can be viewed on a tablet, and can be cast to Chromecast from a mobile phone. NFL games may not be available for out-of-home streaming.

          While on a mobile device or desktop browser outside the city in which you subscribed to PlayStation Vue, you can watch all the channels in your package except:

          CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, regional sports networks, most live NHL games

          Whether in or out of your home network, live NFL games are not available on a mobile phone.”

  • CJakes ™

    I am one of the lucky who got a surprise upon turning on Vue. I have the free Elite upgrade. The only thing missing now is The History Channel. That would be a wonderful Christmas present.

  • Danny Hensley

    Hopefully they are moving this to the Elite package because they are about to add something – Hopefully A & E and the History Channel. If they add this, I will be a loyal subscriber for many years to come. The only other channel I would love is The Weather Channel but it’s not a deal breaker if they don’t add it.

  • Joseph ewing

    “Sony has not explained why they are moving the channel and typically they do not disclose such details.”

    Big Brother never explains to the proletariat.

  • Jeff Hershberger

    I keep seeing references to the Elite plan being $64.99, but mine is only $54.99 and I have all the DFW area locals.

  • Samuel Croft

    PSVue’s customer service or lack thereof is a pain in the tukas. I never received an email about this change. I had Sling earlier but, I may go back and look at it again and compare it to PSVue. Since the new grid page came out PSVue keeps dropping off and I have to go back to ROKU channel page then click on PSVue again to get it back. I like what PSV offers but, yes it seems to change a lot. I really like streaming only but, it does have some problems with platforms changing a lot.