PlayStation Vue Now Offers Local Channels in 37 Markets

playstation-vue-screenshot-05_1920PlayStation Vue was one of the first to offer live local channels streamed online. Since the first roll out over a year ago they have been slowly adding new stations. Sadly they no longer publish the stations on the website, so we reached out to Sony to ask for a full list of local channels.

This is what they sent us:

Markets ABC CBS FOX NBC MyTV Telemundo
Atlanta   X  
Austin X X  
Baltimore X
Boston X       X
Charlotte X X   X  
Chicago X X X X X X
Cincinati X
Cleveland X  
Dallas X X X   X
Denver   X       X
Detroit X X
Fresno X
Gainsville     X
Grand Rapids, MI X
Harrisburg X
Harlingen X
Hartford/New Haven   X
Houston X   X   X X
Las Vegas X
Los Angeles X X X   X X
Miami X X X   X
Minneapolis   X X   X
New York X X X X X X
Orlando X   X
Philadelphia X X X X   X
Phoenix X   X X
Pittsburgh X
Raleigh Durham X
Sacramento X
Salt Lake City X
San Antonio           X
San Diego   X   X    
San Francisco X X X X   X
Tampa X
Tucson X
Washington DC X X X
West Palm Beach X

A Quick Summary

ABC: 8 markets

CBS: 23 markets

Fox: 18 markets

NBC: 12 markets

MyTV: 9 markets

Telemundo: 15 markets

If you are lucky and live in Chicago or New York you get every local channel. These are the only two markets with every local channel on PlayStation Vue according to the data Sony sent us. Other markets with a lot of local channels are Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. All of these markets are missing only one local channel.

The only question left is at what point does PlayStation Vue start to charge an extra $10 a month if you have too many local channels? The number seems to be three or four depending on what market you live in.

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  • Rich

    What is the deal with NBC? Seems to be the least available of the major broadcast networks.

    • tmcb82

      Right now Vue only has agreements with NBC/ABC Owned and Operated stations not independent affiliates.

  • N Schmitt

    Is it possible to opt out of the locals? I already receive them via OTA, so I would not have a need for them.

    • Drew

      No, you’re stuck and you have to pay the additional charge regardless. They know where you are by your ISP information so you can’t change it by putting in a different zip code

      • KaysGramma

        No one pays an additional charge, but some subscribers do receive a discount because they don’t get all that Vue offers. If they add locals to your market, there’s no reason to continue receiving the discount. Vue isn’t an On Demand provider. They provide live television, including the major broadcast networks. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, there are other services to subscribe to.

        • UberCrew

          Sounds like a load of BS to me. The fact is they are charging some people who can get a certain amount of local networks an extra $10/mo. No matter how you want to sugar coat it in Sony’s favor.

    • UberCrew

      It should be. To many people they are not worth paying $10/mo for.

  • Drew

    I live in Los Angeles and receive NBC on Playstation Vue

    • StoJa

      Why do you need to pay Vue for local channels you get with a $20 antenna?

      • Cathy

        Thats a good point, if locals are all you want. Vue offers much more than locals.

      • UberCrew

        Exactly, Vue is ripping people off charging $10/mo for 3 or 4 channels that most can get for free. The locals should be an optional add on package.

  • kwhitley762002

    I am in Atlanta, wish we could be at least get ABC and NBC live streams.

    • StoJa

      Go to Best Buy and spend $20 on an antenna…

      • HermeticallySealed

        Newsflash! Crappy $20 antenna don’t always pick up signals. I know, it must really blow one’s mind to hear. Hell, I bought a $50 dollar one and I still lose signal, or get a distorted image. Digital signals don’t do well with trees and buildings.

  • Solider4CHRIST

    Why don’t playstation vue offer chan..11 wpix in new York

  • HeyRadar

    So they don’t offer the CW anywhere? Granted, you can use the CW app next week. But still surprising. I’m also shocked how many markets CBS is available, given how much ‘CBS All Access’ is being pushed.

    • No, they still don’t have the CW. That is the one channel I really need, but thankfully I have their app and can get TV signals.

  • Nick Hernandez

    Normally I’d gripe about not having ABC in Dallas.. but with HBO Now coming next month I think I’m still getting a great deal. Is there anyway to test out a digital antenna to see if I can get abc locally here in Dallas?

  • JJ

    In all of the places where they charge an extra $10 for locals you can get those locals for free with an antenna. Doesn’t seem like the best value.

    • Jesse Gurr

      Maybe it does if you can’t get locals even with an antenna.

      • Exactly. Line-of-sight is more important for digital TV broadcasts than the old analog broadcasts. If you’ve got hills or a nearby building between you and the transmitter-tower you may just be out of luck for picking up a given station with an antenna, even a roof-mounted one with a range 50 or more miles.

        As to not allowing people to choose whether to have the locals included in their package, PS Vue might be contractually required (via the “retransmission consent” agreements) to provide the same locals for all subscribers in each market. However, it would be nice the see local channels be an optional add-on.

        • UberCrew

          It should be. Until Sony decides to change it to an add on package, I will be getting my service elsewhere. Even if they are contractually obligated to provide them, charging $10/mo for them is a rip off.

      • UberCrew

        Then Sony should make it an add on package and not force people who don’t want them to pay $10/mo.

    • UberCrew

      It’s not. The local channels should be an optional add on package. Being forced to pay an extra $10/mo for those channels is ridiculous.

    • thatnegroroscoe

      At least you can DVR shows on the local channels with VUE.

  • StoJa

    I don’t see why this is a big deal. Buy a freaking OTA antenna and get all of them where you live.

    • Jim Carter

      Digital signals are pitiful compared to the good old days and cheap rabbit ears. I’d rather lose digital and have more range. Getting a clearer view of some news caster’s pimple isn’t high on my list.

    • Jesse Gurr

      I live 60 miles from LA but I can only get NBC and Fox. So basically not everybody can get all the stations with an antenna

  • Jim Carter

    I always check neighboring cities so I can be envious. Not so much this time. Sony just doesn’t like our part of the world. That one city sounds fake and doesn’t fit with the rest of the list. Cincy is spelled Cincinnati…btw.

  • Josh Landow

    This is not fully true as im in Gainesville and it say i get all but fox when really i get fox, and i can only go on demand with abc and nbc but i dont get cbs at all ave we miss all the sports on that channel

  • John Caleb Chapman

    Houston has also has NBC on PS Vue.

  • Daniel

    No locals at all here in Indianapolis, unfortunately.