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After Recent Lawsuits CenturyLink Makes Changes to Its Internet Pricing

Mid age woman sitting at tableRecently CenturyLink found itself facing lawsuits from the Attorney General of Minnesota and a class action lawsuit in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Colorado.

At their core all of these lawsuits are about CenturyLink’s billing practices. Now it seems that CenturyLink is making changes to its service to address some of the complaints.

Yesterday DSL Reports noticed that it has made several changes to its pricing structure, but it looks like it is eliminating its “Internet Cost Recovery Fee,” a fee that, according to its website, says “helps defray costs associated with building and maintaining CenturyLink’s High-Speed Internet broadband network, as well as the costs of expanding network capacity to support the continued increase in customers’ average broadband consumption.”

Recently CenturyLink notified some customers of a plan to double the cost of this fee to $4 a month on top of your typical bills. Now it seems that fee has been dropped from new services.

It also looks like it has changed its Internet pricing in some of these markets. Now you will find up to 25 Mbps down will cost $40 a month, up to 80 Mbps down will cost $50 a month, up to 100 Mbps down will cost $60, and up to 1Gbps will cost $80 a month.

CenturyLink has made no formal announcement about these changes likely due to the current on-going lawsuits. No word on whether current customers will be able to get their pricing changed to the new rates.

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  • Justin J Slater Ernst

    No changes in minnesota…they want over $90 for 60mbs service.

  • Vegas Steve

    At least in my neighborhood (Southern Nevada), the pricing you quote is accurate as of now.

    It’s about time someone stopped these ‘tack on’ fees, but they shouldn’t stop here. It should be the law, no matter what business you are in, to disclose ALL fees/addons/extras/whatever BEFORE you commit to a purchase.