The imaginary stadium is modelled and rendered.

Report: The NFL is Working On a New Streaming Deal With Verizon

The imaginary stadium is modelled and rendered.Yesterday it was reported that the NFL and Verizon are close to striking a major new streaming deal.

With the new deal, Verizon will be able to sell access to NFL games on all devices, including streaming players, smart TVs, and not just phones, according to sources who talked with Bloomberg.

Verizon will lose exclusive rights to air games on mobile devices (something that would be happening soon according to reports) according to two people who talked with Bloomberg.

This new service sounds a lot like a NFL Sunday Ticket service and that raises the questions of the DIRECTV deal. Currently, AT&T’s DIRECTV owns exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket but it has been rumored that the NFL is looking for ways to make it more accessible.

According to Bloomberg “An announcement is expected after all the related parties are informed.” That announcement could come as soon as next week or the NFL may hold off until after the season ends. According to reports, this deal has been in the works for months.

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  • Terrence


    • Unique_Username99


      • RubberBoloney

        His is an opinion based on his observation. Your reply is a typical trolls reply.

        • Marc H

          That’s how it works, if you feel something is too expensive for its value to you, you don’t buy it. I don’t buy it either, I am happy with just Redzone and the network games.

    • Richard Thompson


      It’s cheaper than attending 2 games in person….

  • Michael Smith

    Remember when nfl Sunday ticket was $49/season? Now it’s at what, over $200/season? I won’t pay that kind of money. If Verizon is going to stream the season, they should keep the price affordable for those who want to subscribe.

    • Unique_Username99

      I’ve never seen it for $49 ever. Always been over $200. Now it over $300 I think

      • Randy Smith

        In the late 90s NFL Sunday Ticket was, indeed, $49.99. That price lasted precisely 2 seasons before it started to creep up.

    • Marc H

      Remember when candy bars were a quarter? good times.

      • Garry

        I remember when candy bars were 5 cents, a six pack for a quarter. Quarter pound Baby Ruth was 10 cents. Just trying to inject a little humor in this whole dismal post about NFL.

        NFL gonna be history, players over paid and you know the rest of the story.

    • Richard Thompson

      I remember when a gallon of gas was 25 cents

  • mark pettigrew

    C’mon NFL! Verizon is overpriced and losing customers at an alarming rate. Don’t strap yourself to the deck if a sinking ship. Expand NFL Game Pass to include live streaming and free yourself from viewers being required to subscribe to an unwanted service! I personally would likely spend some cash for access to games not available OTA but I will not ever give money to Verizon. (I’m not alone.)

    • Unique_Username99

      Verizon doesn’t have Sunday Ticket. DirecTv does and that is now owned by at&t. Verizon has the mobile rights. Also Verizon Wireless has NOT been losing customers. If you’re going to make a point at least get your facts straight

    • Marc H

      For me Verizon is the superior service in my area. I can’t wait to drop ATT which has the best deals but horrible tower coverage.

    • mark pettigrew

      Ok, so I’ve offended the Verizon loyalists out there. Maybe I should have plead for Verizon to not drown itself with a NFL that has falling ratings, distrust between players and management, a disconnect with patriotic fans, and a huge injury problem.

      My intention was to voice concern that this deal smells of a relaunch of Sunday Ticket with Verizon. Yes I see that they are trying to lift the restrictions that keep Amazon, NBC, CBS, Fox, and NFL Network from streaming their games to mobile, but Verizon is almost assuredly going to have exclusive rights to games that aren’t national feed or Sunday local and they will use that exclusivity to recoup their investment plus a healthy profit.

      Cord-cutting for me is about choosing to make smaller investment in entertainment that I actually consume and not paying for channels and services I don’t want.

      I’d love for the NFL to offer out of market subscriptions that I can afford. They have NFL Gamepass already working well. Rather than seeking guaranteed money from Verizon, or ATT or Dish or anybody else, try selling direct to consumers.

  • PCJunkie56

    Hey NFL, how about selling an NFL Ticket that lets you ONLY BUY YOUR TEAM’s Games for the Season???? Since most of us only follow one or two teams, you really could have a whole new product to sell here… I’d Pay a few bucks per week to watch my team every week on a streaming device I already own.

    Think about it !

    • JerYnkFan

      I know MLB.TV does that where you can just follow on team for a reduced price (think it was 109.99 vs 84.99) Wouldn’t mind it at all. NFL is way out of whack in line with other sports as far as their pricing goes,

      • FranchisePlayer

        But has ridiculous blackout restrictions that prevent you from watching your favorite team if you happen to live within a few thousand miles of the area. /sarc

    • Richard Thompson

      How much would that cost? And if you had that, why would you go to the stadium on a cold Sunday?

  • Unique_Username99

    About time. Only should have been done YEARS ago.

  • Unique_Username99

    NOWHERE in the original article does it say Verizon has the right to carry ALL games. All this sounds like is that the games you currently can stream via mobile can now be streamed on devices other than a mobile phone. And that other carriers can now offer NFL games via mobile.

    • Eric Beagles

      “With the new deal, Verizon will be able to sell access to all NFL games on all devices, including streaming players, smart TVs, and not just phones, according to sources who talked with Bloomberg.”

  • mnsportsgeek

    Thank goodness the mobile exclusivity is going away.

  • Phil7474

    I’ve been waiting forever for this exclusively deal to expire. Thank goodness!