Review TERK Trinity XTEND Antenna & Wifi Extender

Review TERK Trinity XTEND Antenna & Wifi Extender. Please see the YouTube video at the top of this post for our full review.

Need a indoor antenna and a wifi extender? The TERK Trinity Xtend gives you both of these in one small package with no monthly bills. Great HD antenna and a built-in WiFi extender all in one device.
From TERK:


  • Offering fast 802.11N wireless.
  • Includes coax cable, power adapter and a removable amplifier for maximum flexibility and performance .

trinityxtn_2The Trinity Xtend combines two amazing devices all in one product: a digital HDTV antenna to connect and receive over-the-air TV channels on your television, and a Wi-Fi extender that will connect to your existing Wi-Fi network and provide a better Wi-Fi signal where you install this antenna, helping your streaming devices perform better on your television. The Trinity Xtend comes in two models – WITRIAC for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, and the TRINITYXTN for the 2.4Ghz band. Please see the below videos and FAQ’s to help understand the benefits of the Xtend and installation process.

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