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The Roku 7.7 Update is Now Rolling Out

In late June Roku details about its new Roku OS 7.7 update to the popular Roku line of streaming players. They started to roll it out recently and now it seems like it is picking up speed.

This update is mostly backend changes and bug fixes, but there are a few important changes that many Roku owners will love.

Roku says the update will take several weeks for everyone to receive so no worry if you have yet to get it. Yet it does seem like most of the current gen Roku Players and Roku TVs now have the update. Though if you own a Roku player made after 2011 you should get this update at some point.

The following are the changes you will find:

  • Roku devices will now proactively notify you regarding loss of connectivity during streaming and direct you to network settings to update your connection.
  • When using Screen Mirroring, you now have more control over which devices to allow or block from connecting to your Roku device. Any time a Screen Mirroring session is attempted, you will receive an on-screen prompt allowing you to accept or reject the session. You can also choose to “always accept” or “always reject” a particular device from connecting.
  • All Roku TV models support the More Ways to Watch feature.
  • The USB media player on Roku TVs will support playback of MPEG-1 and H.263 files.
  • Roku fixed a bug in which closed captions would sometimes show upcoming text early.
  • Roku added an on-screen warning message for Roku TVs to make it clear that pre-existing channel favorites lists will be deleted if you initiate a new channel scan for antenna TV.
  • Roku addressed multiple bugs that caused audio, visual, and/or crashing issues across a number of streaming channels.
  • Roku fixed a bug that caused audio-visual sync issues for some channels when streaming on select Roku TV models.
  • Roku introduced a number of improvements and bug fixes to improve the overall experience when using Audio Guide.

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  • Ottis

    Do you know the max drive capacity a Roku will support using USB media in 7.7?

  • Richie Webb

    I loved my Roku 3 and never wanted to use anything else. Then….Directv Now came out on Apple TV and Amazon. I took advantage of the $35 for the Go Big Plan and pay 3 months in advance and get a free Apple TV 4th Gen. I then purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Once Directv Now came out on Roku I tried switching in my bedroom from Amazon. The Roku channel is slower and shuts down. The Amazon app works great and I like the look of the other apps compared to Roku.

  • Maelish

    I’ve experienced some of the bug fixes mention. Very glad to see them addressed. Glad to see mpeg-1 too.


    I have two 2016 Roku Streaming sticks and they work better now with the new update!