Roku Sales in Mexico Are Now Banned After Cable Company Lawsuit

Update: Roku reached out to Cord Cutters News to clarify that well Roku sales in Mexico is temporarily blocked Roku is not a party to the law suit filed by Cablevision. The lawsuit targets 3rd party parties.

Well it seems you will no longer be able to buy a Roku in Mexico for now. Recently, Cablevision brought a court case that now will now block the sale of Roku players in Mexico, claiming Roku players allow third parties to offer pirated content and benefit economically from piracy on Roku.

Last week the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City heard the case and ruled in favor of Cablevision and blocked the sale of Rokus in Mexico, according to Alvaro Cueva, a journalist with the Milenio newspaper.

It seems Cablevision is upset over 3rd party Roku Channels that allow the streaming of pirated content on Roku players. They are not apps made by Roku and you will not find them in the Roku Channel Store, but these Roku Channels can be added to Roku players which seems to be the case Cablevision is bringing against Roku.

Cord Cutters News has talked with Roku today and confirmed that Roku has been ordered to stop sales and shipments to Mexico. A Roku representative did say that Roku is working diligently to restore full availability of Roku devices in Mexico.

Roku also went on to say that this will not affect devices that have already been sold in Mexico and they will continue to work. This order just blocks the sale of Roku players from this point forward.

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  • Duder12

    Well I am going to assume Android TV is non existent in Mexico than. LOL

    The Android TV PlayStore is basically the only official 1st party TV App store where you can download Kodi without needing to side load.

    • Richard smith

      I think they are referring to Roku’s private channels.

      • Cynthia Eliason

        They aren’t Roku’s channels. Roku is a little computer.

        • Richard smith

          They are private channels some stream pirated content. A Roku is a streaming device not a tiny computer.

          • AstroMonster

            I wonder if Roku could just turn off the ability to add private channels to Roku’s outside the US?

            After all, some streaming services already have automatic restrictions on what can play outside of the US, as well as even by zip code

          • A streaming device is a computer. It’s just specialized, similar to gaming consoles, instead of being general purpose.

          • Cynthia Eliason

            It has a CPU and it has an operating system based on Linux. If that’s not a computer I don’t know what is.

    • Daniel Darnell

      This is about the private channels, which many are pirated streams. So it actually makes sense.

    • mau47

      Kodi by default doesn’t allow you to pirate content, you have to seek out and load additional plug ins on your own to enable piracy through the app.

  • Jj

    By this logic they should also ban computers in Mexico because you can watch pirated shows on those, too.

  • Herman222

    I guess they should ban all computers in Mexico as well. Pirated content can be delivered via computer through third party software. Halting the sale of Roku devices is ridiculous and a feeble attempt by Cablevision to control something they can’t possibly begin to control.

    • mau47

      I assume the issue is more about the fact Roku distributes these through the private channel feature. Since you add them through the Roku portal and Roku is pushing them to your boxes they are essentially endorsing it. If they allowed you to side load them completely on your own and bypass their servers like android that would be different.

    • AstroMonster

      Hahahaha…I thought the same thing about computers

  • frankinnoho

    The Empire Strikes Back!

  • GersonT1000

    I wonder how much CableVision paid the judge for that decision.

  • Blaming a company for 3rd party software that they in no way market makes no sense at all. But laws don’t necessarily make sense to anyone other than those who wanted it written in the first place.

    Are Chromecast and/or Apple TV sold in Mexico?