Roku Has a Ton of New Features on The Way

Roku Streaming Stick w_remoteRoku has been busy releasing new features for channel developers. These new features are likely in preparation for a new Roku OS to coincide with the release of new Roku models this fall.

So what are these new features?

New Menu System

herogridhomeThe Roku grid is not going away, but they are making some major changes to the default grid. The new grid is called the Hero-Grid-Channel and will include a featured row that will be large and more prominent. Channel developers can now also use a movie poster row to help feature more content.

herogridhome2There will also be the typical grid layout and it is customizable for channel developers to set up how they want.

Menu Overlay


Roku is now making it easier to access menus as you stream. No longer will you have to exit out of the stream to access the menus because Roku now allows channel developers to put a menu overlay on top of a live stream.

Multiple Live Streams in One Channel

multi-live-channel-blogRoku now has a new feature called Multi-Live, which is a new tool that allows developers to easily create a channel with multiple live streams in that one channel. This new Multi-Live feature also seems to allow channel makers to let users’ browse available live streams as they watch a stream.

All of these features have been released to channel creators in just the last two weeks. We know at least three new Rokus are hitting the market this fall. With the timing of these updates and new Rokus on the way some believe that a new Roku OS will be a central part of the new Roku line.

These features are now live and you may start to see channels updated with these features at any time; however, it can take a few weeks to a few months to get a new Roku channel approved for the channel store.

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  • Alan Smithee

    Hope this won’t be an excuse for services to put even more un-defeatable overlays over material that we’re trying to watch!

  • craig

    we need channel folders

  • stetsonaw

    Just waiting for Vue to get an interface like on the PS3/PS4, with guide. That, and it would be nice if every app that isn’t netflix or amazon wouldn’t use the default “roku” layout, which is utterly painful.

  • IhasAbucket

    Was hoping for KODI.

    • Dan Boone

      You would need a jailbreak for that. And Kodi is so much better it would make the factory user interface pointless.

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  • Patrick

    About that menu overlay, is that just the menu within an app, or is that the actual Roku main menu? I’ve been flummoxed for years now that there’s no way to quickly switch between two Roku channels.

  • Nino Marchetti

    When is Roku getting Xfinity app?

    • Joshua

      An official Roku account in the Roku subreddit just said a couple days ago that we should expect it by the end of the year.

  • Ro

    I wish we could have parental controls.

  • Cowicide

    Which Roku devices will these new features work with? Only the newest ones?