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Sling TV Adds More Family Friendly Programming

Looking for more family friendly content? Sling TV today added 6 new family friendly channels.

For $5 per month, Heartland Extra adds the following six new channels to Sling Orange or Sling Blue:

  • PixL: Watch original movies and miniseries that inspire, entertain and touch the heart on PixL, a family-friendly movie channel featuring today’s biggest film and television stars. This channel includes wholesome comedies like “Hometown Hero,” timeless dramas and love stories that lift the human spirit and span generations.
  • Family Net: Bring on the family-friendly entertainment by tuning in to Family Net, America’s trusted network for today’s families. This channel features classic shows like “All in the Family” and “Bewitched.”
  • Sportsman Channel: Experience the thrill of hunting and fishing on your television with Sportsman Channel. From destination profiles to hunting series like “Easton Bowhunting TV,” this network makes every sportsman feel like they’re in the great outdoors.
  • Outdoor Channel: Fans of hunting, skeet shooting and competitive fishing can find endless entertainment on Outdoor Channel, giving you expert knowledge of the outdoors and the latest tips and techniques, plus popular series like “Duck Dynasty” and “Hollywood Weapons.”
  • World Fishing Network: With 24/7 coverage dedicated to the art of fishing, the World Fishing Network is a real catch. This channel features a variety of programs for every angler, including educational programs like “Timmy Horton Outdoors” and entertaining series like “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show.”
  • RFD-TV: Focused on agriculture, equine and a rural lifestyle, RFD-TV is a 24-hour network dedicated to serving the needs of rural America. Get your daily dose of agriculture news by tuning into “Market Day Report” and “Rural Evening News,” or sit back and enjoy musical performances on shows like “Opry Encore” and “The Dailey and Vincent Show.”

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  • BenH_76

    Their add-on packages are absolutely terrible.

  • Bill Eastman

    RFD-TV is included with DIRECTV NOW

  • Max Chaos

    My folks like RFD. If they would just add Discovery Networks I would be sold.

  • Գօգօ Ղազէլ

    They have a pretty robust package. But missing Nickelodeon and Discovery Networks are pretty big omissions.

  • Stacey Ross

    Shooting adorable animals dead with a rifle is family-friendly programming. Got it.

    • Steve Lammers

      If shooting that aforementioned animal provides sustenance for the family, then yes I would definitely call that “family friendly”.

      • Stacey Ross

        Sure! Why not some good old fashioned pig slaughter? Heck, why not have a kid’s program on abattoir operation? You’re a genius!