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Sling TV Adds Three New Channels Including The Olympic Channel

Today Sling TV announced that they have added the Olympic Channel for year-round coverage of the Olympics and just in time for the 2018 winter Olympics. Sling TV also announced the addition of Mexicanal and Dominican View will join Sling TV.

Here is a full breakdown of everything Sling TV added:

  • Olympic Channel – Year-round coverage of Olympic athletes, training, events and more is now on the Olympic Channel, available in Sports Extra at $10 per month for Sling Blue customers.
  • Mexicanal – Now available in our Mexico pack for $10 per month as a standalone service or $5 per month as an add-on, Mexicanal brings Sling TV customers Spanish-language news, sports and popular entertainment, including shows like “Ahí viene la Marimba” and “Estrellas del Jaripeo.”
  • Dominican View – Our Caribe pack expands with more Spanish-language sports, news and special events from Dominican View. Caribe remains at $10 per month as a standalone service or $5 per month as an add-on pack.

All of these networks are now live on Sling TV for new and current subscribers.

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  • Jared Cheeseman

    now sling tv needs a pop tv b longhorn network

  • Jared Cheeseman

    i dont see olyimpic channel

  • John Burgess

    rather they added Animal Planet…

    • Jared Cheeseman

      i think they have it akready

      • Scot

        Sling doesn’t have any of the Discovery channels – one of which is Animal Planet.

        • Jared Cheeseman

          dish does so it will happen everyboady is moving to ott only

  • Kieran Mullen

    Are the commercials obnoxiously loud? Nothing like watching with your kids and Cialis commercials come on 20 times normal volume and air 20 times!

  • Lorenzo DeTampa

    I just the other day added Sling-Blue to my Sling-Orange acct……and that’s enough. Didn’t I read a day or two ago that the Olympics were going to be shown OTA on NBC? -I think so. (I hope so, lol) I usually just watch the opening & closing ceremonies for the most part, in any case—-

  • Jared Cheeseman

    olyimpic channel went live on sling this morning

  • Dean G

    I’d rather see them start adding the local networks over the Olympic channel. And that Ondemand doesn’t count as an addition.

    • Jared Cheeseman


      • Jared Cheeseman

        dish going full ott sooner or late

      • Dean G

        They should be already doing it considering everyone else is adding them left and right. Sorry, I don’t give a pass on that.

  • Bun Thomas

    Elite Slim now has three Hallmark channels and one called Decade Channel; a total of 96 channels (PS Vue).