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Sling TV Announces New OTA Bundle Deals

Sling TV is doubling down on over the air TV with new OTA antenna bundles. Now if you prepay for Sling TV you can get a free Winegard antenna and a free AirTV Player + Adapter for over the air TV.

Here is how Sling TV describes the deal:

  • OTA bundle deals – Customers who qualify for an OTA antenna (based on geographic location) can get a free Winegard indoor antenna ($59.99 retail value) when they prepay for two months of Sling TV. Or, prepay for three months of Sling TV to get an AirTV Player + Adapter and a Winegard indoor antenna for $70 ($189.98 retail value). Customers can check OTA qualifications by entering their address here.
  • Sling + OTA – Customers who live outside areas where locals are offered through Sling can receive select local channelslike ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC free in HD through an OTA antenna (based on geographic location). Plus, if you have an AirTV Player, your local channels will be integrated right into your Sling TV interface.

“Only AirTV Player integrates your local channels into your Sling TV experience for seamless access to football, including all your home team’s games for free! So save your money for game day snacks, beverages and friendly wagers.” AirTV said in a blog post today.

Sling TV seems to be pushing back against the trend of higher bills in exchange for locals. The question now is will their push to offer antennas as a free way to get locals will pay off.

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  • Soyntgo4it

    Lmao whomever falls for this is just as dumb as this service.

  • Daniel Richards

    nope, because NEWSFLASH SLING, antenna’s don’t work for everyone. the issue is simple, locals need to be an addon pack, if you want them you add them if you don’t you drop them.

  • Lis

    I’m very happy with my Sling, but would like to add the locals, at least in one room. Is this available for existing customers, or just new ones?

  • JGaLaXY

    antennas are a pain from where i live but is the AirTV is good value for the price? is this a good streamer?

  • dimeuserGJ

    Am I reading this wrong? Does it say the devices are “free”? or you get them for $70 after 3-month SlingTV prepay??

    • Chris Chapman

      Yep, prepay for 3 mos PLUS $70. Hard pass on my end, and I love Sling!

  • Andy Munro

    Correction ..the Air TV Player and adapter isn’t free, even if you prepay for three months you still have to pay $70. Can you please amend the article. ?
    Cheers !

    • It says “and a Winegard indoor antenna for $70”.

      Unless they just fixed it in the 3 minutes since you made your post…?

      • Andy Munro

        I just read it again and it says prepay for three months and get the antenna , air tv and adapter for $70, the way I read it , that’s in addition to the three month prepayment. Unless I am going mad, which is quite possible.

        • yet another guest

          I read it that way too.

        • I’m reading it as you get it all for $70. I really like the way the one box integrates Sling with the OTA channels.

          (I believe they previously they had the same offer for $50.)

          • David1970

            1. Prepay for three months. At whatever that costs.
            2. Then pay an additional $70 and receive the antenna and air tv.

          • Robert

            The $50 offer doesn’t include the antenna, only the box

        • analyzethis

          Yeah, 3 months in advance plus $70 is what it says.

  • Benjamin

    They’re going to have a lot of upset customers. The ota doesn’t work for everyone. They’re going to be getting a lot of returned antennas. This is real stupid business decision by sling TV.

  • dialate

    Why is everyone so bent on the sports channels? They’re called sports bars for a reason. So much wasted bundle power on ESPN, NFC and other pointless channels.

    • Phuq_Me

      Not everyone is into bars. not everyone has one near by even if they are. Quit thinking everyone has to be liek you.

      • dialate

        If they got rid of the sports the cable packages would be like 10 bucks. Forgive me for not giving a shit

        • Phuq_Me

          Not sure what that has to do with my post but if you think that getting rid of all sport channels would make your pay TV bill $10 you are delusional. They would never let prices get that low. Even if there was true al a carte they would charge a minimum of $20-$25 just to have the service plus the cost of channels.

  • Phuq_Me

    How abut offer locals via STREAMING? Not off all us can get them wit even an OUTDOOR antenna let alone an indoor one.

  • ccccc

    seems like a ripoff b/c on it says you can get

    AIRTV PLAYER + ADAPTER for $50 if you prepay for 3 months… so you’re basically paying $20 for a crappy antenna that you can just buy off amazon (probably) for the same price.

    • thatguyagain

      How is it a ripoff if your suggested alternative is the same price but more hassle?