Sling TV is About to Add All of Your Local Stations With This New Device…

airtv-580x343Love Sling TV? Love your Antenna? Wish you could get both through one interface? According to this FCC filing Sling TV is about to add all the local stations you pick up with an antenna to their streaming service.

The addition of local TV stations will be done by a new box called AirTV. The AirTV box will allow you to plug in your antenna and it will then stream your local stations inside your Sling TV app (Note you will still need an antenna for this to work). It looks like you will do this by attaching an antenna to this box and connecting it to your home internet. From there it will likely stream the channels you get with your antenna to your Sling TV app.

This all comes from a FCC filing that can be found HERE.

airtv-guide2-580x316In that filing the FCC says:

“As EchoStar and Hauppauge point out, a digital-only device has several advantages over equipment using both analog and digital tuners: the digital-only models involve less design complexity, avoid substantial operating costs that are generally associated with additional hardware and software, and consume less energy,” the FCC noted in the order. “These advantages should result in lower costs, which can be passed on to consumers and also promote a strong, competitive marketplace.”

There has been no official announcement but found a draft listing on Amazon that says this device will cost $149.99. It is possible that the device could be announced at any time or maybe as late as CES in January. (Sling TV has a history of big announcements at CES.)

Source: MultiChannel News

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  • SlowingYourCommute

    Pretty excited for this sort of device. For my family more than 50% of what we want to watch comes from OTA stations. Tablo and Tivo are decent for OTA DVR’s but I’d like more options. Of course I’m hoping that USB port on that back hooks to an external drive for DVR.

  • Don K

    This is an awesome idea!

  • Scott Lewis

    With Sling working on a DVR, if this uploads to their cloud allowing for recording… great. If not… it’s going to continue to be a no for me.

  • KKel100

    Does it have DVR functionality? I have a Tablo and that’s one of its great benefits (dvr functionality).

    • Jon

      I second the Tablo, also Tablo has 4 tuners!

  • rljnc1500

    I think it’s a stupid idea, you might as well have dish if you are going to start buying their equipment, when I had dish I had my OTA hooked up to my dish box. What would be the difference. Then again you are locked into their service.

    • Dean Stibbs

      Once you spend that kind of money on this, I imagine it would make you less likely to cancel service with them because you would have wasted your money then. So does it kind of act like a contract anyway?

    • IBWTF

      The benefit of having your locals regardless of your IP Address or availability/contracts. I don’t have a cord running from my antenna to my tablet, pc, mobile phone or bedroom, Its only on one tv. Would work for me since I’m mobile. Its a one time fee like any device, Roku, tablo etc. You don’t own the cable companies device regardless on how much you pay upfront to get it. If you don’t like it don’t buy it but its defiantly not stupid.

  • Jeff McLean

    $149 for a tuner is alot not knowing if you can add a hard drive for recording. I have tablo and it is great.

  • rljnc1500

    As I said I think it’s stupid, my opion and I will not buy, but those that want to be my guest.

  • Don K

    What I would actually rather see is an app that will bring together Sling and local streams from HDHomeruns. One app for all content.

  • analyzethis

    Does Roku have a set up like this on any of their devices?

    That would be ideal.

    • Douglas Morrison

      One ($99) device already does this very well for all my Rokus, but that company is on death watch. Roku should buy them! There are others too: Tablou, HDhomerun (via plex), channelmaster, etc


  • Don K

    The more I think about this, the less I like it. It would be nice to have all of your linear TV in one place, but you would need a second device to view Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.

    I may work for some people though. Like my parents. I have thought about suggesting that they become cord cutters, but trying to teach them how to switch between the antenna and the streaming device depending on what they want to watch, would be an exercise in futility. Their TV watching pretty much consists of pressing the channel up or down buttons on the cable remote until they find the channel that they want. Anything more that this would result in frequent phone calls to me to try to figure out what they did to screw things up. This device may work for them because it would be closer to what they’re used to.

  • JeffO

    $149.00 to, basically, do what an extra 5 clicks of a remote can do…… no thanks. The whole cord cutting idea (for me) is to save money. I like sling, but to be honest, if it were just me i wouldn’t have it. Sling is in my house to make my wife happy.

  • Karl Childers

    The biggest downside to this (for me) is that it will probably only ever work with Sling TV. Hopefully at some point DirectvNow or Playstation Vue will bring the same functionality to their apps using an HDHomeRun. Until then I’ll probably just use the Channels app on Apple TV to view locals.

  • Ron Kendrick

    Most people’s problem is that live too far from local stations to get reliable signal.
    Just hooking an antenna to a box will not help a majority of people.

  • Rob Moore

    This sounds like what a Tablo does, except that a Tablo has the DVR functionality built-in and works with your router to stream local channels to your whole house at once, where the Sling device will only work to stream to either one or two sets at a time.

  • Al Raguckas

    I see major issues with this. First, if you have multiple TVs, you are going to spend a great deal to get each hooked up at $150 a pop. Second, if you are like me and have teenagers that routinely use almost all of the 1TB of data allotted per month, this device could result in overages and extra internet costs. The initial outlay to multiple TVs is enough to say no. Just buy a digital antenna for $30 per TV or get a high end antenna and use splitters to connect to all TVs for $100+.

  • Ole Curmudgeon

    Am I missing something here… I have my homemade Grey-Hoverman UHF antenna bringing in 6 local digital HD channels; I simply hooked it up the coax splitter that feeds to every tv in the house… Why would I need to insert my NVIDIA Shield [or a Sling] into the mix ?

  • AVFC50

    I click the TV button on my HDTV Remote to get the local Channels or Click the HDMI button on my Remote to watch all the channels on the Sling TV app loaded on my 4th gen Apple TV. Apple TV also plays all the DVD’s music CD’s that I Have digitized through my Computer.

    I use to pay $200 per month for Internet, Phone, and Satellite TV. I now have Broadband Cable Internet and Phone ($75/Mo), Sling TV (Blue Service, $25/Mo-Supporting up to 3 simultaneous TV’s or Internet devices), a 4th Generation Apple TV ($120 one Time) and an Amplified, Digital Antenna ($35 one Time) That feeds the house’s Coaxial Cable. So for $155 in one time costs, I was able to Cut the cord, and cut my monthly bill in half ($200 down to $100). In a month and a half, I paid for the fixed Costs and have all the channels then I actually watched before. My Spectrum internet speed is 66 Mbps Download speed and 6 Mbps Upload.

  • Brad Alsobrook

    I have the AirTV and the adapter… AirTV is VERY buggy.. I think it will be much better once they work out all the bugs

  • ftyjyry

    If TiVo would add the Sling app, I’d be set.

  • William Gretsch

    How can I cut the cord to cable and still watch PBS and all three CSPAN channels?