Sling TV is Giving Away a FREE Weekend of HBO Starting Tomorrow

As part of Sling TV’s 2nd birthday celebration they are giving away a extended free preview of HBO to all Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers. The free weekend will start tomorrow, Feb. 16 and run through Sunday, Feb. 20. Both new and existing Sling TV customers will receive access to live and on-demand premium content from HBO at no extra cost.

The best part is the HBO free preview comes just in time for highly-anticipated series premieres on Sunday, including Big Little Lies at 9 p.m. ET and Crashing at 10:30 p.m. ET. Or, customers can check out our HBO on-demand library and binge watch popular shows like Game of Thrones or The Night Of. (I personally recommend checking out Silicon Valley. Or if you have Amazon Prime also check out Big Love.)

If you have not tried Sling TV yet you can sign up for a 7 day free trial and enjoy both the free trail and a free weekend of HBO. This is a perfect opportunity to sit back and binge watch some great HBO shows.

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  • supervolt

    Even when they gave out the entire sling for free last weekend, i didn’t take it. Their interface, content and quality is so bad once you’ve used PlayStation Vue.

    • PaperCoyote

      I’m giving you an upvote but I will also have to politely disagree with you. The interface is subjective and I enjoy Sling’s better than Vue, the content is again subjective and Vue is lacking in several channels my wife and I enjoy. and the quality is almost the same. After testing in developer mode on the Fire TV I found that Vue was 720P/60 with a variable bitrate of 1.8-5 Mbps occasionally the resolution would dip to 540p/60. Sling was a constant 720/30 with some channels doing 720/60 with a bitrate of 3.8 – 5 Mbps. Sling also had some on demand content at 1080P whereas Vue did not. So quality is about equal if you want steady fps go with Vue and if you want steady resolution go with Sling. I am glad you enjoy Vue it is a fantastic service and for most people it is the best option.

      • supervolt

        I think it all comes down to the content you want to watch. For me, all the channels I watch are in the $30 package PS Vue and I can record thousands of reruns of my shows which is perfect.

        PS Vue interface works better for me because they put all my shows and channels right on top and you can browse the guide, shows, episodes and channels without exiting what you’re watching. Navigating through Sling channels is such a mess and trying to get to a show or episode is even more difficult. And they close what you’re watching – which is bad especially since they don’t let you pause, forward and rewind. Maybe that’s horrible experience is only on Apple TV.

        I have used all the major streaming services including PS Vue, DirecTV Now, Sling, Netflix, Hulu… so I have a good sense of the interface experience on each one of those.

        • PaperCoyote

          I tend to steer more people to Vue. Some people like the Cable lite guide and the $30 Access Slim is a great deal. But I don’t like the guide I like Sling’s interface better. Again the interface is subjective. There is no right or wrong. And I would use Vue as my everyday service if it had the channels I wanted but it is lacking specifically in the A&E owned stations, the Crowne Media owned station and the Viacom owned Stations. With Sling I can get all of the channels I need for $30 a month but no DVR but their ON demand is better than Vue’s in some channels like TCM where Sling has 4x the content available. But Vue makes up for that by having a DVR. I like tech and evidently don’t care for money because I subscribe to Sling, DTVN, Vue, Fubo, Hulu, Prime, Netflix, Feeln, Acorn, CBS all Access, HBO Now Showtime and Starz. I use and Apple TV, a Fire TV a Roku, a shield, and Xbox ONe and a PS4 Pro to stream. Each service and each device has their pros and their cons. I will say that for live TV Sling is best for me but I won’t say it is the best service because it may not be right for you. Vue is the best service for you but that does not make Vue the best service.

          • supervolt

            I just wish PS Vue could get Viacom back and that would make it the absolute perfect choice for me. I can’t wait to see what Google and Hulu have to offer but since Hulu will have a limited -storage DVR, it’s probably not going to appeal to me as much as PS Vue.

          • PaperCoyote

            Yeah Hulu and YouTube are the two I am excited for But I am afraid my wife is going to send me to a support group for tech addiction before they launch. I hope Vue and Viacom come to an agreement and Vue gets even better for you. It is so nice to finally have choices as a cord cutter.

          • supervolt

            Yeah, when it started, it was just Sling with about 15 channels – most of which I never watched. But now I can easily switch between Sling, PS Vue and DirecTV Now whenever I want.

            I was obsessed with waiting for DirecTV Now last year so I would have probably be taken to a support group for tech addicts. But then DirecTV Now came and disappointed big time. So, now, I’ve lowered my expectations for anything new that comes out.

          • PaperCoyote

            LOL I felt the same way about DTVN. Holy crap I was so excited on Nov 30th it was like a geek Christmas for me but then i started using the service and that joy faded quicker than the flavor of a stick of Juicy Fruit.

    • DON

      playstation vue is $40 in new york area for their base package!!! for me that is the deal breaker!

      • supervolt

        yet many people pay $40+ for Sling just to get basic channels like FX and Disney, ESPN. And Sling’s $40 package ends up offering less channels than PS Vue base package, limited On Demand and no DVR.

  • Darren Bratton

    *Trial… *Opportunity…u want to hire me as a spell checker?? LOL

  • Richard smith

    Direc tv now has a free weekend of Hbo Starz and Cinemax. Doubt the quality wi be good though.