Sling TV Sees “Overwhelming” Demand For Its New AirTV Streaming Player

Last week at CES Sling TV announced its new AirTV streaming media player. The AirTV is a streaming media player that boots right into Sling TV combining streaming services of Sling TV, Netflix, and over-the-air TV all into the Sling TV user interface.

The AirTV starts at $99 with a voice remote, and you can add an over-the-air tuner for $39.99. If you buy them together in a bundle you can get both for $129.99. (For a limited time you will also get a $50 Sling TV gift card with the $129.99 bundle.)

It seems the demand has been higher than expected for the AirTV. “Due to overwhelming initial response, orders placed at this time will ship in approximately 2 weeks,” the purchase page for the AirTV Player and AirTV Adapter explained. “An email including the tracking number will be sent once the order ships. Thank you for your interest in the AirTV Player.”

Hopefully Sling TV can catch up with the demand for the AirTV, because it is a nice little device that fills a need for some who want a super-simple cord cutting streaming player.

Want to learn more about AirTV? You can find our full review HERE.

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  • chasin

    Is this just a one tuner that displays only on this one box for the TV it is hooked up too? Just curious as I would definitely need OTA channels on multiple TV’s.

    • Karl Childers

      I think you would need one for each TV. For OTA we use an HDHomeRun which is connected to the router in our compute room. I like this setup because it only requires one antenna which doesn’t have to be located near any of our TVs. We use the Channels app on Apple TV which works pretty well and has a nice guide. I’m hoping that at some point one (or more) of the OTT services will integrate the HDHomeRun in to their setup.

      • chasin

        I was using an HDHomeRun but was getting frustrated with it as I own a FireTV(2016) and watch over WiFi, this is used as my main device for family watching. I was getting a pixelated signal from my OTA Antenna and when I tried my any of my mobile phones, tablets, and Nvidia Shield this never happened. To add the fact that FireTV doesn’t deinterlace 1080i broadcasts it put it over the edge. I know this really isn’t SD’s fault but there really needs to be more Android boxes out there that are able to stream products like the HDHomeRun. I would consider Tablo but then they really only go up to 720p/60fps for streams which starts to show its age when you have 50″+ 4K HDTV’s.

        • Ghostmaker

          I’m recording live tv at the maximum resolution of the broadcaster some at 1080p.
          If your only doing 720 then either that is how your locals broadcast or you got your tablo setting on that resolution. I had to fix my house wireless to handle the increased resolution of the recording.

          • chasin

            Unless I am missing something or reading this wrong, all recordings on the highest quality setting with Tablo is 720p/60fps. I know this is an older article but the options they discuss are the same in which I see on my Tablo. I did go back and check and my locals do broadcast in 1080i with the exception of FOX which is 720p.

          • Tablo’s highest quality setting sets the quality depending on the source (for example most NBC and CBS stations use 1080i while ABC and FOX typically use 720p). Apparently TV stations don’t transmit video with both a (vertical) resolution of 1080 and a framerate of 60; they pick one or the other due to the limitations of broadcasting MPEG-2 according to the ATSC 2.0 standard (and the differences between interlaced and progressive are involved too).

            Tablo really did mean what they said by “[a]t this setting Tablo will record all broadcasts coming from your local towers at full quality.”

            Wikipedia seems helpful here:

            Here’s a somewhat relevant article:

            Here’s a rather technical article (but at least it’s simpler than reading the ATSC standards):

    • Robert Beier

      That’s my understanding. Similar to Karl, I have a PC set up with NextPVR and a 4 tuner card, then use either Kodi or Emby apps to connect to my TVs. I like the idea of this integration of OTA and Sling, but I need the tuner to be in a different room as my TVs so it isn’t quite there for me.

  • john smith

    does this mean sling tv wont be adding more local broadcast channels directly onto sling without need for anntenna?

  • Scott Lewis

    I’m on Vue not Sling, but this would be a very compelling purchase if I was a Sling customer. Integrated OTA, auto launch of Sling (#1 thing my family misses from cable is having to navigate menus before getting into “TV”).

    If you’re BIG on locals, I still think the Mohu WiFi antenna, or a Tablo is more compelling (more streams, DVR, multiple rooms), but this is a good first product, and a seemingly full featured Android TV box on top of it all…

    Oh. And it’s UUUUGGGLLLYYY… what were they thinking?!