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Sling TV Had a Very Successful March Madness (As They Show Us How They Can Keep Prices So Low)

Fans were not the only ones enjoying March Madness. Sling TV seemed to be getting into the mood with a surprising uptick in ad sales.

Sling TV uses a program called programmatic advertising, which saw a huge increase in sales for Sling TV during March Madness.

What is programmatic advertising? This type of advertising allows Sling TV to sell ads directly targeting a demographic watching an event. In short you may be seeing different ads than some other household watching the same event/show. The hope behind it is to always market relevant ads to the people watching the show.

According to Tremor Video the company that sells ads for Sling TV there was a 51% jump in sales for Sling TV during March Madness.

“Because of this new paradigm, the NCAA tournament brought with it a 51 percent jump in programmatic sales for Sling TV,” reports Adam Lowy, general manager of advanced TV, digital & analytics with DISH Media Sales.

TV ads are a $72 billion marketplace and the digital video marketplace makes up $12 billion.

“Through our partnership with Tremor Video, we’ve now worked with thousands of advertisers that are swiftly embracing real-time access to the largest screen in the house,” said Lowy. “The momentum started with the NCAA tournament, and now the next TV moment is upon us – the NBA Playoffs.”

Why is this important to cord cutters? Customizable ads can be sold for more than the generic ads you see on most TV shows, which allows services such as Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW (which also uses a similar system) to keep prices low. Without these ads the price for services such as Sling TV would have to skyrocket. Now it can keep making money at the same price.

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  • Richard smith

    Is this now the official Sling forum/ blog?

  • Andrew Webber

    Jeez the Anti-Sling people are sensitive. I had PS Vue. I loved it. Had it for almost a year after having Sling. I would and have recommended it to many family and friends, however, I went back to Sling. I went back to Sling because Sling fit what our family was looking for. Sling is a great product….Don’t be, so sensitive just because you love PS Vue or something else. Everyone has their preferred choice. I’m happy Sling did well. I’d be happy if the others do well too……it’s good for all of us.

    • filmex

      I think the observation is, rightly, that while Vue was figuring out how to offer a bottomless functioning DVR, Sling and DTV were working hard on customized advertising. You’re right…to each his own.

    • Richard smith

      There is nothing wrong with Sling, but keep in mind this site is an affiliate.

      • Pebo Bryson

        who cares, its not free to run a website. relax

  • Sunny Rain

    That’s because Sling doesn’t let you fast-forward On Demand content and they only recently added a very expensive DVR for tiny storage to 3 devices. People who love Sling are mainly people who only watch live content like Sports and are not hardcore fans of most shows. So, they don’t care much about watching and rewatching their shows at their own convenient time.

    While PS Vue is likely to attract young fanboys and fangirls, Sling is more likely to attract older people who just want simple linear TV and are not driven by specific shows. If they factor in age like Nielsen ratings, the ad revenue would be much less.

  • mr Dave

    I didn’t think I would like/keep Sling but so far I’m pleasantly surprised. In fact it’s replaced Netflixs as my ‘go to option’. Netflix’s has fallen, mainly because of the restriction of the movie studios.