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Sling TV Is Trying to Address the Most Annoying Part of Live TV… the Commercials…

Sling TV has been an innovator in live TV since it launched just over two years ago. Now Sling TV wants to continue to redefine the way ads are reaching viewers with “addressable advertising.”

Traditionally ads are sold against shows in the hopes that an audience that the ad company wants will see the ads. This often meant viewers would see ads that they had absolutely no interest in. Now Sling TV is once again working to make sure the ads you see will be of interest to you.

With the fact that Sling TV is streaming live TV rather than using traditional cable or satellite, it can sell ads more like websites do. That means you are much more likely to see ads that interest you.

“The two biggest sweet spots that [Dish Network] specializes in are addressable—which has been a hockey-stick business for us the past six, seven years—and programmatic,” said Adam Lowy, director of advanced TV and digital sales for Dish Media Sales and Sling TV. “We can also do this in the digital space with Sling TV.”

So why is this a good thing for cord cutters?

Beyond the fact that you can watch ads you enjoy rather than sitting through ads you could care less about, addressable advertising helps keep Sling TV inexpensive.

By selling ads directly against events such as March Madness and directly targeting viewers, companies like Sling TV can bring in higher ad revenue and take the pressure off of raising rates on consumers.

Sling TV is not alone in this effort. Other services such as DIRECTV NOW and Hulu are also working on this ad model. Hopefully this new way of selling ads will help keep the cost of these services low.

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  • REP

    I don’t remember a time where i like watching ads lol. No ads is of interest when I’m focus on a show.

    • Years ago I kind of enjoyed watching SuperBowl ads, but otherwise I quite agree.

  • filmex

    Even Superbowl ads aren’t any good anymore. Good luck trying to draw customers based on advertising.

  • Sunny Rain

    Targeted ads doesn’t mean ads you enjoy. They have no way of telling which ads you enjoy. It’s about ads that are more relevant to you and likely for you to buy. For example, if you’re sick and are looking up information, it doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy commercials about related medicines.

    If Sling wants their service to stop being annoying, they should allow people to forward content on demand like PS Vue. It’s absurd that they don’t even let you forward through the actual episode scenes, let alone the commercials. Sling is only good for casual viewing and live viewing for people who don’t have strong attachment to shows.

  • Pebo Bryson

    I enjoy no ads ever

  • David Batten

    The only ads I enjoy are when I have to pee and the show wont pause 🙂

  • Robert Anthony Hartzell

    “I just want ads that I like” said no one ever.

  • FranchisePlayer

    Why don’t they just create a series of channels that shows nothing but ads like The Weight Loss Ads channel and the Doritos Ad channel. There’d be a whole bunch of channels that only showed ads related to specific topics. For all those that like watching ads, they can tune into their favorite Ads channel (like the adventures of the Cath Cowboy) and watch them all day long.

    Who wouldn’t want to binge watch Super Bowl ads or ads from your local car dealers and legal services?

    • Sunny Rain

      Thank you!

  • TheJrockfreak .

    lol do people really hate ads that much. I cant say I have even had a problem with having ads on tv

    • Sunny Rain

      If you have a bunch of shows you follow closely, you’ll know how annoying ads when the story has to be interrupted every few minutes.

      • TheJrockfreak .

        True. I’m usually playing video games while watching TV so I guess commercials don’t bother me as much

  • There are two kinds of people: ad-accepters and ad-avoiders/ad-refusers. IMO, avoiding ads is an under-acknowledged reason for cord-cutting/cord-shaving. After all, “time is money”, as many say. The less time we spend watching ads is more time for other things.

  • mr Dave

    I have noticed that on SlingTV on demand the commercials are SCREAMING compared to the shows. I reached out to Sling support and got the generic reply “uninstall, reinstall, reboot, ect.” still no answer. But it is very annoying and doesn’t happen on Live TV. I wish they’d fix that first.

    • Camille M

      This happens to me too. I contacted Sling on FB and they wanted to know which specific commercials. Haven’t noticed any change.

    • Yup. But I think there was some weird bill passed over this on live TV which prob doesn’t apply to web based stuff

  • John

    Get ride of ads all together then you’ll be the best

  • frankinnoho

    The only good ad is a skipped ad!

  • stumpy579

    If somebody makes an ad in which Flo the insurance hag dies in a horrific car crash I will watch it over and over and over and over.

  • Meh, in the age of portables ads are irrelevant

    • How so?

      • ad comes on and you either go pee, look at your phone/tablet or both!

        • Some people are more glued to their mobile devices than others but I get your point that people are significantly less likely to pay attention to the ads than in years gone by.