Sling TV’s Air TV Announces Plans For a Major Update

The Air TV player is a streaming media player that runs Android but boots right into Sling TV. With Sling TV you can access your antenna, Sling TV, and Netflix all from one menu.

Recently the Air TV was updated to bring better over-the-air TV integration. Now it seems that it is getting ready to update the Air TV once again.

According to a tweet from the official Air TV Twitter help account the Air TV will be upgraded from Android Marshmallow to the Android 7.0 Nougat OS. No date was given, but the update is in the works.

While you won’t likely see any user interface changes with the Nougat update, it will bring many back end improvements. A few of the big improvements will include better multi-tasking, a revamped and more user-friendly settings menu, and support for multiple Google Accounts.

Currently the Mi Box is also testing the Nougat OS from Google, the only other box that supports the directly to Sling TV in the same way the Air TV does. For now the only streaming media player we know of running Android 7.0 Nougat is the Nvidia Shield.

We will keep a close eye on this update and post more when we learn more.

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  • Joseph ewing

    Seems like a cute little device, but why a device that is locked into one streaming player?

    With Roku, Fire, and others able to connect to most – if not all the streamers – this seems like an odd choice.

    • Tom Disane

      What makes this box unique is not that you can stream but that you can connect an antenna. Essentially putting all of your content (OTA and Sling) in one location. No need to change inputs on your TV to switch between OTA Brodcasts and streaming cable.

      • CleanupHitter

        “What makes this box unique… No need to change inputs on your TV to switch between OTA Brodcasts and streaming cable.”

        Like TabloTV already does with its app for Roku and other devices?

        • Tom Disane

          Cleanup Hitter, Does Tablo really seamlessly integrate OTA with Streaming cable? Air TV treats all channels (whether sling or OTA) exactly the same. So going from ABC (OTA) to Spike (Sling) is simple, no leaving the app. With Tablo would you have to exit the Tablo app to watch Sling? I don’t own Tablo so it’s a serious question.

    • Kawshik Ahmed

      One Streamer? This box is running Google’s Android TV OS. You can install any app that Android TV supports even PS Vue. You can even sideload app.

  • mr Dave

    Do they have plans to update their Roku app Also?