Sling TV’s First Real Competitor is Now Live & Offers Fox News & Fox Sports 1

foxnewschannelUpdate: Original Vue markets will stay at the older higher $40 starting price as they include local live station.

Update #2: Confirmed the PlayStation Vue service will only work in your house. They lock it down to your IP through a Sony PS or Fire TV. No mobile streaming outside your home network.

Sony’s cord cutting service PlayStation Vue is now available nationwide with a new lower price for the second time in a month. The new, less expensive service will start at $29.99 a month with live streams from 55+ cable channels but will NOT have live content from ABC, FOX, and NBC but will have on demand content. The new PlayStation Vue package will have a live feed from several cable networks including:

Playstation“We were intent on bringing this valuable service to broader reach as quickly as possible,” said Dwayne Benefield, VP and head of PlayStation Vue for Sony Network Entertainment International. “With the assortment of channels we have now, we feel we are a strong alternative to current pay-TV providers and new entrants.”

“For us, it’s about having the right content for what we feel is our target demographic,” Benefield said. “We felt when we launched, the live local broadcasts were paramount, but our customers have been clamoring for these packages—most of the customer service calls that were coming in were, ‘Hey, when is it coming to my city?’”

This is the second time the price of the service has been lowered this month and the fourth time since it launched a year ago in select markets. Sony’s Vue service started off at $60 a month and quickly dropped down to $50. A few weeks ago it dropped to $40 a month and now they are starting at $29.99 and are now available nationwide.

PlayStation Vue is available on PlayStation 4, Google Chromecast, PS3, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick on your TV. Vue is also available on iPad and iPhone through the PlayStation Vue mobile app.

It will be interesting to see if the new price of the PlayStation Vue will put pressure on Sling with its larger channel selection but a higher price.


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  • Mark

    This is exactly what I need to convince my wife to cut the cord: DVR, SYFY, USA, AMC, option for Showtime. no Unfortunately, no Roku so I have to decide if two fire tvs are are worth it. I’ll be watching this closely, my contract with cable expires in 3 months. We’ll see what happens at that point.

  • Mark

    Looks like I am not eligible for the $29.99 slim package, my min package is $39.99, plus I need to get 2 amazon fire tvs, might take a wait and see on this one, I do like my Roku. At $29.99 it is doable, at $39.99 I will wait and see how this goes

  • clocks

    Where do you see eligibility? I see all three packages, but the higher/older prices are listed. Has the main site not been updated for the new prices yet?

  • clocks

    I am in the Chicago market, so maybe the new, cheaper slim bundles are not available in the original markets? I would consider $30/month, but not will to pay $40. I don’t care about live tv(other than espn), only on demand.

  • Harry


    It has most of the channels I would be interested in so it is much better than what Sling offers for only $10 more a month.

    Unfortunately, I would still have to watch commercials and I kind of enjoy watching shows without the commercials.

    So, at this point, no sale…..but will be keeping an eye on it.

    • sam

      I watched the abc show ‘family’ on demand and it had no commercials.

  • clocks

    It was confirmed, in the original launch markets the bundles will stay at the higher price, since they include streaming cbs, nbc, etc.. I’ll pass, not worth $40. Even $30, while a better deal than cable, was questionable for me personally.

  • HeyRadar

    So can it stream to more than one device at a time?

    • Admin

      Yes but only in the same house.

  • Charles

    If Sony can get this on Roku and other devices, this will be a serious threat to Sling TV. It has DVR and 5 streams at once. Both issues keeping me away from Sling. They also have several stations that Sling does not. For me those are Fox News, FS1, & Syfy.

    As far as outside the house, you can use the credentials to log into TV anywhere apps.

    If (when) this comes to Roku I will definitely give PS Vue a try during the free trial.

  • NapMan

    I just signed up for the trial last night and watched the most recent “Walking Dead” episode. I was very happy with the stream on my old PS3.

    As for the mobile streaming, I just logged in here at work with my iPad and streamed CNN, Fox News, HGTV and they all worked fine. It’s obviously not the same IP address as my home (where my PS3 is). Now, it is the same internet provider.

    I also started an On Demand episode of “Better Call Saul” and it also played. I did notice that the SyFy content says “mobile restricted” though.

  • craig

    I am looking for clarification if anyone could help. I have 1 fire tv and 1 fire tv stick. Is it possible to signup for this service without owning a playstation 3/4?

    • John Sheatsley

      Yes, Craig. I have only a Fire TV and had no problem signing up. Don’t know how it performs with a Fire TV stick though.

      • NapMan

        It’s sluggish to navigate the menus but the stream works great once it’s started. I watched some election coverage last night on my Fire TV stick and didn’t notice any issues with the stream.

        I find the Fire TV Stick to be generally sluggish for most everything though.

  • NapMan


    Any way you can use your clout and find out if Sony is planning to create a Roku channel or an Apple TV app for the Vue service?

  • Alice

    I’m in Wisconsin and have been watching the $30.00 package deal for almost a week. It has worked flawlessly on my fire tv and sticks. However this past Friday there were some issues but they were fixed by Saturday. My guess is it was due to a March Madness.
    I definitely will be keeping this, I just hope they add A&E and History to the lineup.

  • notsofastnow

    I’ve had issues with PS Vue in the Bay Area. At least once a week I have to reauthenticate my Roku because Vue doesn’t recognize it. I’m also not a fan of the clunky interface, which makes it hard to find programs and channels. And far too often I lose my connection due to buffering or “network problems.” If Sling offered a cloud DVR, I’d go back to it in a heartbeat.


    STREAMING services are in their INFANCY—my nod goes to PLAYSTATION VUE at this juncture—the 64.99 version is still 30 bucks a month cheaper than the 250 package that DISH offers—and has all I care to watch—as time goes on—new services will enter the market putting pressure on both SLING and PSVUE—to A—lower their prices —or B add more content for the same price—-with TRUMP now elected—the FREE MARKET will flourish more—now that the MARXIST MULATTO and his ILK —-are vaquished!!