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Taking a Close Look at Comcast Xfinity’s Hidden Fees

Update: A earlier version of this story under counted the total cost of the fees by $2. We updated it to correctly reflect the cost of the total fees. We also updated the Comcast fee to reflect new promotional pricing.

2017 is here and once again that means price hikes and new ways to confuse cord cutters.

Recently many readers have reported that Comcast is offering TV plus Internet for less than Internet only. Just think about that for a minute… Comcast is a business—a business that wants to make money. Do you really think it would give you more for less?

The truth is it hides the cost of TV plus Internet behind a promotional rate but shows the full cost of Internet only. It goes even farther to hide the real cost of TV behind a ton of fees.

So let’s take a close look at the hidden fees that Comcast likes to bury behind a wall of text. (Note: We are using Comcast rates out of Texas)

  • Broadcast TV Fee: $7
  • Regional Sports Fee: $5
  • HD Technology Fee: $9.95
  • DVR Fee: $10
  • Adapter Fee: $5.99

In total a Comcast TV subscriber who has two extra TVs, a DVR, and a modem in their house will now pay at least $53.93 a month in fees on top of their $149.99 monthly bill. That means the real monthly bill for Comcast TV subscribers is $203.92 a month, which adds up to $2,447.04 a year. (The fees in this example include $10 a month modem rental.)

Not only does it stop there but if you want to pay for their phone service they will also add a $2 voice technology fee so on a triple play package you will pay $55.93 a month in just fees on top of the listed monthly bill. That does not even count the taxes that are added to the TV service in many parts of the United States. (Update it seems Comcast has backtracked on the $2 fee. Stating “Final plans and notices haven’t been completed yet, which is why it was taken down. We are still finalizing plans/details and will notify customers about any changes in a notice that would be sent directly to them.” So well its gone for now it seems that they are still considering the fee.)

Now let’s not forget that these listed prices are promotional rates. Sometimes we hear from readers who say the rates only lasted a few months of their 2-year contract.

So don’t get fooled by promotional offers and remember there are always fees.

Here is a screen shot of The Comcast Triple Play bundle we referenced.

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  • PaperCoyote

    Fees are one of the first things I bring up when talking about cord cutting. When I tell someone you can get Sling and Vue together for less than the price of Comcast fees and everything else is gravy. Even if you add Netflix (let’s face it Netflix doesn’t count because people are paying for it and cable anyways), Hulu, Acorn, and CBS All Access you are still coming out slightly ahead but with more choices and better service. Cord cutting isn’t always about money it’s also about freedom and choice.

    • CX1

      And less brain damage.

  • KrazyKrackaPDJ

    So I’m new to this and exploring cutting the cord. So if I’m reading around right I would still need to use Comcast or Verizon just as an Internet provider but then just sign up for one of these streaming services? Currently paying $156 a month for internet/tv through comcast

    • PaperCoyote

      Correct. You still need to have internet in some way and then you can pick and choose who you want to get your entertainment from. For instance you can drop Comcast down to just internet and pay around $60 plus tax and fees if you lease a modem. Then you could subscribe to Sling or Vue for about $20 – 30 and netflix for $10. Now you are saving about $600 a year. If you Don’t care about saving money but just want choice you could add Hulu, CBS All Access, Acorn TV, HBO Now, Starz, and showtime and still be paying about the same as before. There are a ton of choices whether your goal is to save money or just have more freedom. Good luck and have fun.

  • Bob Smith

    Comcast is EVIL.

  • Yonatan Ben Magen

    Another overlooked fee, depending on where your located and YMMV, Data useage over your allotted free Data U/D here in Portland last fall Comcast rolled out Data caps here at 1 TB, some parts of the country its only 300GB, we have 5 data users in our house In Dec/Jan we used 1.1TB/1.5+TB those were our 2 annual free months granted between winter break and no school because of several Snow/Ice events and Holidays in those months .

    The Comcast letter at implementation, state our monthly average was on .75TB ( I wonder was that based on 1 or 2 years).

    Well we got credits not sure why, perhaps it is base on a 12 month cycle to avoid a future “class action” well we were credited $50/$110. As of Sunday the 19th of Feb. Usage was 800+ GB. So its looks like we may pop for the $50 a month for unlimited data.

    We’ve own our modem rather than leased for about 17 years we’ve been with Comcast (Originally AT&[email protected] and a speedy 1Mbps vs 56k dial up it was awesome). I digress, we had Cable from 04-06′ till we sold our LCD flat screen and I got an invite to Hulu beta. We streamed and rented DVD’s, and kept basic cable because it was cheaper than the $10 fee for stand alone HSI until they raised the local broadcast fee from $1.50 to $4.50 then we ditched it all together. My MIL retired a year ago and moved in with us full time, and wanted some International channels, but you had to have certain digital TV package, well even with the 1 year promo, and free DVR, and other temp freebies, we went from $69 a month to almost $130, with almost $20 in “junk fees” when we went to cancel around the 24th day and the first prorated bill that was not what we were promised (and I recorded on my cell phone).

    When I called to cancel the package we were offered Internet Pro blast 200Mbps & HBO with free SD top box for $69 + taxes and $4.50 rbf (I’ve clocked 245Mbps DL on Speednet test), which was close to what we had been paying for 25Mbps (cloaked as “performance internet”).

    Some things I’ve learned is that 4K shows eat huge data, even streaming @ 1080 uses a ton of data (from a PC browser only available through MS Edge (up to 4k) Chrome/FF etc are limited to 720 becasue of an issue with DRM and either HTML5 or Flash I forget, but if your using Win10 apps I think that your able to get higher res on a monitor. Now what I’m unsure of is how much data/or what resolution that Netflix/Hulu/AMZN Prime/Google Play use on a regular Roku (non-4K) we have a 4K TV and a Roku Premier+ so we can stream the available programs/movies in 4K. (Personally I don’t real care that much about many of the shows available in 4K nor how the 4K looks its still doesn’t look real.)

    That said if you don’t have kids or don’t spend that much time watching not a big deal but the data fees can add up quickly esp if your streaming through MS Edge/Roku app and more than 2-3 people are watching.

  • dimeuserGJ

    This article doesn’t specify the comcast deal, but in my area (Chicago suburbs) internet plus basic TV is $39.99. That’s not bad for 25Mbps internet, (basic TV remote goes into spare bedroom) plus choice of HBO or Showtime. So it’s $39.99 plus $7.00 broadcast TV fee (plus tax). I don’t use a DVR, this package doesn’t include regional sports, and I use an OTA HD antenna for local channels on my 2 main TV’s.

    • Be careful that is the promo deal. In a few months it will start to sky rocket. Ask yourself will they really give you more for less? The truth is they lock you in with a to good to be true deal. Add on fees and slowly raise the price over the life of the contract.

  • TV Barrington

    As far as a phone service landline, I purchased an Obi device and use one of the phone services with it. Excluding the initial one-time cost of the Obi, my phone service is roughly $60 a year, and I can call anywhere within the US, and it has all of the features that Comcast has. My Obi system sounds exactly the same as Comcast.