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Here Are the Top 5 Coolest Cord Cutting Devices from CES 2017

CES is over now, but it was a tremendous year for cord cutters. There is a long list of new products coming to market in 2017 that will make cord cutting easier than ever.

To help you avoid sifting through so many new devices, here are my top five devices.

Fire TV Edition TVs

Amazon’s smart TV with a built-in Fire TV is on its way. The new Fire TV Edition TVs will be available later this year. I got to play with them at CES, and the performance seemed consistent with the second generation Fire Stick. They will offer 4K TVs not 4K HDR TVs.

The best new feature is the over-the-air TV integration into the Fire TV Edition TVs. By plugging an antenna into the new TVs you can bring OTA content right to your Fire TV home screen. Recommendations for channels such as ABC and Fox will show up next to recommendations for shows from Netflix and Hulu.

Why is this important for cord cutters?

In the past the only smart TVs I recommended for cord cutters were the Roku smart TVs. Now the new line of Fire TV Edition TVs from Amazon are a real competitor to the Roku TVs.

Want to learn more about the Fire TV Edition TVs? Click here for our full breakdown.

Tablo DVRs & Software

Tablo has long been a leading DVR company for cord cutters. Now it is branching out from just a standard DVR. Soon you will be able to buy a USB tuner from Tablo, a Stick Streamer, and a cloud DVR.

Why is this important for cord cutters?

DVRs are an important part of any cord cutter’s setup. The new line of DVRs and software opens up more options for cord cutters.

If you want to learn more about the Tablo offerings, click here.

Roku TVs

Roku announced a long list of new Roku TVs and partners to make them. TCL announced 25 new Roku TVs including a new high-end line. The biggest news were the new HDR Roku TVs that will start under $500. Later this year Roku TVs will have a sharp new look and HDR support.

Want to learn more about the new Roku TVs, click here.

Why is this big for cord cutters?

The new line of Roku TVs makes a cord cutting TV look great in your living room. It is also the first smart TV with built-in HDR that I would recommend for cord cutters.

You can learn more about the new Roku TVs HERE.

Mohu AirWave

Often your TV is not in the best location for your antenna. It can also be difficult to connect one antenna to multiple TVs. Now with the Mohu AirWave antenna you can put your antenna anywhere in the house and through Wi-Fi stream it to a wide range of streaming devices.

This allows you to easily network all of your TVs to your antenna and place your antenna in the best location.

Why is this big for cord cutters?

The Mohu AirWave makes setting up an antenna easy and quick for any cord cutter.

You can learn more about the AirWave HERE.

Nvidia Shield 2nd Generation

NVIDIA unveiled the new NVIDIA® SHIELD™ TV—an Android TV open-platform media streamer built on bleeding-edge visual computing technology that delivers unmatched streaming, gaming, and AI experiences.

“NVIDIA’s rich heritage in visual computing and deep learning has enabled us to create this revolutionary device,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and chief executive officer of NVIDIA, who revealed SHIELD during his opening keynote address at CES.

You can learn more about the new Nvidia Shield HERE.

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  • Jeck

    I wish TV’s would drop the OS all together. I would rather have a big computer monitor with a tuner. I’m sick of having to worry about the responsiveness of the OS when all I want to do is use my Roku or Fire.

    • Don Alcombright

      100% agree. Vizio is the closest to this direction as you control settings on the TV via a smart app and if you want to use the TV’s video apps its just Chromecast pushes. I like this approach as it pulls the garbage UI that becomes obsolete in 1 year out of the TV.

      • OneOfOne

        Low end scrub wants to cast to a low end brand tv. Yeah that’s not a nightmare

        • Scott Lewis

          I have a dirt cheap Vizio smart TV. Super fast UI. The apps aren’t much good at all, but I ignore them and use my Fire TV that’s plugged in. I bought it with the intention of never using the Smart Apps. But it was the TV that was on sale, and there was no dumb TV in it’s general quality/price range that was cheaper.

    • OneOfOne

      So then how do you navigate thru the monitors features? Telepathy? Dos?

      • Jeck

        Same as you do on a computer monitor. A very basic OS is required for any device to communicate with it’s hardware. I’m just saying it doesn’t need to be a full blown Fire TV or Roku. That way when whichever OS I’m using to watch shows on becomes unsupported I can buy a $100 box to get the new functionality instead of a $2000 TV.

        • supervolt

          Having an inbuilt Smart TV UI doesn’t prevent you from buying your own streaming devices. It can have ROKU or FireTV interface on your TV but still use HDMI to connect to Apple TV or Chromecast.

          Unless your TV is extremely slow loading the other stuff, I don’t see the harm in having an inbuilt UI like that.

          Point is: you don’t have to use it just because it’s on the TV.

          • Jeck

            I’ve had to reboot my Bravia because the Android TV OS on it froze up. That’s what I’m referring to. Also, switching between inputs can take some time to load.

          • grinlap

            And you have to pay for functionality you’re not using.

          • Scott Lewis

            I wonder if you’re paying for all that much. It could be that the price TCL pays Roku is very close to, or even cheaper than what it would cost for them to build all their own software. Just like how phone manufacturers find it far cheaper to pay Google than to create their own unique OS.

          • Duder12

            They don’t pay Google it’s free.

          • Duder12

            You can thank sonys shitty mediatek processor for that.

  • Spencer Walker

    No dish airtv

  • Cheapthy Cable

    I with I has waited on the firetv. I love the idea of getting over air through the fire TV. I wish it were backward compatible.