Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.

The Two Biggest Over-the-Air TV Station Owners Are About to Merge

Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.Over-the-air TV is becoming big business again, and it looks like the two largest owners, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media Co., are about to merge into one mega company.

The New York Post is reporting that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group appears ready to acquire all of Tribune Media Co.’s assets, which include a stake in the Food Network and WGN Cable network as well as 42 local TV stations nationwide.

“The talks have been going well. Sinclair expects to close soon,” a source close to the negotiations told The New York Post. “As soon as it gets the FCC thumbs-up, it’s a done deal.”

Now getting the thumbs up may be difficult because current FCC rules prevent any one company from owning too many stations and with a cap of 39% of US households; however, that rule has been under fire for many years even before the current FCC administration.

So what does this mean for cord cutters? We don’t know. A stronger network of over-the-air TV stations could give them more buying power against cable TV networks. What that would mean for cord cutters is anyone’s guess.

For now we will have to wait and see what happens.

Source: New York Post

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  • Jordan Musser

    does that mean a potential of food network and their affiliates on free over the air tv channels?

    • That seems rather unlikely. For example, NBC Universal owns NBC and several cable networks.

      • Ben M

        Then how can this be called OTA? If you need a bundled cable package it is not OTA.

        • What exactly are you referring to as “this”? Are you surprised that some corporations own both a broadcast TV network as well as cable TV networks? Disney is another example since it bought out ABC quite some time ago now.

          • Ben M

            I was referring specifically to Food Network & WGN only being available in cable packages & not OTA. The fact they are throwing in 42 local broadcast stations has minimal impact on the power of OTA.

  • EJ95835

    This transaction will get approved easily. Sinclair leans far right, and has already cut deals with Trump.

  • Rich

    What this MAY mean is a more consistent experience when accessing those channels via OTT devices. Standardization tends to be cheaper to manage.