Updated: The 2017 Cord Cutting Guide to MLB

The 2017 Major League Baseball season is getting started as training camps kick off this week with pitchers arriving. The good news is for the first time cord cutters have unprecedented access to MLB games.

So here is our cord cutting guide to MLB:

MLB Network

Currently only DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue offer the MLB Network live. Great for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest MLB news.

Regional Sports Network

If you want access to your local sports networks such as Fox Sports or Comcast SportsNet (CSN) and others we have good news for you. Fubo TV, Sling TVPlayStation Vue, and DIRECTV NOW all offer local sports channels—just not all of them. Sadly you will have to do a bit of research to see what local sports network each has in your area. They all seem to have Fox Sports and the rest have a smattering of different regional sports networks. Make sure to visit their sites to find out what they have where you live.

They all offer a free trial so make sure to test them out first.


If you live out of market for your favorite teams (don’t live close to them) you should check out MLB.TV.

MLB.TV will stream to you every out-of-market game. You can pick to follow just one team or sign up for full access depending on what you are willing to pay. MLB.TV is available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromcast.

Although it may take research to find the right option for where you live it has never been easier to watch MLB.

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  • acmphotodude

    I am allowed and do receive CSN Bay Area (today becoming NBC Sports Bay Area) and I also am getting the Warriors games without a problem. However, up to today I’ve not been allowed to see the Giants games. Don’t know why because my zip code 97702 is allowed. What I get is a CSN Bay Area screen which doesn’t say the game is blacked out but rather “This program is not currently available”. Now these were Spring Training games and I’m hoping that the contract just didn’t cover them. Today I’ll find out as it is the start of the season and the Giants are on at 1PM PDT. If I see the same stupid screen, I’ll jump to SlingTV and get this settled. Any other DTV NOW Giants fans had this occur?

    • EJ95835

      We are on Sling Blue in Sacramento. Yesterday’s spring training game between A’s and Giants was broadcast on CSN California because it was played in Oakland. We get NBC Sports, CSN Bay Area, and CSN California, plus 2 alternates of each. Kings home and away are shown. Probably also A’s and Giants. Haven’t checked if Warriors are shown. Guessing they’re not.

      I’m still referring to them as CSN. I pity the announcers who will have to say “NBC Sports Bay Area powered by Xfinity” over and over and over …

  • Bill Eastman

    Just a reminder if you have T-mobile, this Tuesday in the T-mobile Tuesday app will be FREE MLB.TV. This is the second year for T-mobile giving MLB.TV free, though the first year the app wasn’t required.

    • taino211

      I echo this statement. Free MLB.TV for T-Mobile subscribers. Huge benefit.

  • stumpy579

    Before paying for MLB.TV be sure to check out the blackout rules and enter your zip code to see what is blacked out for your zip. I put in my zip code and the Phillies Pirates Mets and Yankees are all fully blacked out home and away. On top of that the price is the same for everyone. Greed has no boundaries.

  • Richard smith

    Mlb.tv is a available on most devices out there, not just the few listed in the article.