Updated Here Are The Channels That We Know Hulu’s Live TV Service Will Have

Hulu’s live TV service will likely soon be here. (No we do not know the date.)

One of the main questions we get is what channels will Hulu live offer its subscribers for the rumored $40 or less price point it is promoting. (Many think it will come in at about $35, but Hulu is only promising sub $40.)

Hulu Owners Who Will Be on Hulu Live


Disney is part owner of Hulu and has agreed to bring its channels such as ABC and ESPN to the service. We can assume that the base package will at least offer ESPN and likely Freeform.


Fox is also a part owner of Hulu and has agreed to bring its channels including FX, FS1, and FOX to the service. Again we don’t know what channels or what packages.

Time Warner

Last year Time Warner agreed to buy 10% of Hulu and allow its channels such as TBS, CNN, and HBO to be on Hulu’s live TV service.


Over the weekend it was reported that NBCUniversal and Hulu have come to an agreement. This has not been confirmed by either Hulu or NBCUniversal, but it does give new hope that NBCUniversal channels will be on the new Hulu live TV streaming service.

Other Networks

A+E Network

Just last week it was announced that A+E Network and its family of channels such as History, Viceland, and A+E will all be on Hulu’s live TV service.


CBS has for a long time been hesitant to support Hulu. A few CBS shows are on Hulu but most have been saved for CBS All Access; however, Hulu in a major deal announced in January 2017, said it had come to an agreement for CBS-owned networks to be on Hulu.

Networks That Will NOT Be on Hulu’s Live TV Service


Yes Viacom and Hulu have terminated all contracts. This seems to be mostly on Viacom which announced that it wants to promote traditional pay TV and does not see a benefit in services such as Hulu. That means channels such as MTV, Comedy Central, and Spike TV will all be missing from Hulu’s live TV service.

Some of the breakup seems mutual because Viacom-owned channels have seen a huge hit in ratings. Viacom also recently announced that it will cut the number of channels it is focusing on in half leaving many to wonder if they pay for a Viacom channel such as TV Land will it be there in a year.


Just because a network has come to a deal with Hulu does not mean all of its channels will be included or will be in the base package. (Example: Fox has a deal with Sling TV but Fox News is still not on Sling TV.) So take this all with a grain of salt because we do not know the full details.

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  • southhendo

    Very much appreciate the updates.

  • Daniel Richards

    Without Viacom (and Scripps and Discovery for that matter) this service is a NON-Starter, won’t even waste my time with a trial, same goes for Youtube TV.

  • Danny Hensley

    Yea…I was a little disappointed when PS Vue lost the Viacom channels but I have learned to live without them. But I can’t live without my HGTV and DIY. If the new services don’t have Scripps then I will just keep what I have.

  • Max Chaos

    Id be happy if they would add Discovery Networks. That’s why I am not with Sling either.