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Updated: Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue – We Break Them Down For You

Family sitting in living room with remote control smilingPicking the right live TV streaming service is increasingly confusing as more and more services hit the market. So we wanted to break it down and help making the decision between Sling TV and PlayStation Vue easier.

Yet things keep changing so here is your updated breakdown as of September 6th 2016.

The first thing which of these services is work on the devices you own?

Streaming Player Sling TV PS Vue
Roku X X
Fire TV X X
Apple TV X
Chromecast X X
Android Phones/Tables X X
Android TV X

The next what service has the channels you want. (Both of these services offer local channels in select markets to make sure to check out their sites to see if you get local channels.)

Channel Sling TV PS Vue
American Heroes Channel X
Animal Planet X
Baby TV X
BBC America X
BBC World News X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
BET Gospel X
BET Jams X
BET Soul X
Big Ten Network X
Bloomberg Television X
Boomerang X X
Bravo X X
Campus Insider X
Cartoon Network/Adult Swim X X
Centric X
Chiller X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
Cinemax X
Cloo X
CMT Music X
CNBC World X
CNN International
Comcast Sportsnet X  X
Comedy Central X X
Cooking Channel X X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
Destination America X
Discovery X
Discovery Family X
Discovery Life X
Disney Channel X X
Disney Junior X X
Disney XD X X
DIY Network X X
Duck TV X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
E! X X
EPIX Drive-In X
ESPN Bases Loaded X
ESPN Buzzer Beater X
ESPN Deportes X X
ESPN Goal Line X


Channel Sling TV PS Vue
El Ray X
Esquire X
Euronews X
Fla Ma X
Food Network X X
Fox (where available) X
Fox Business X
Fox College Sports X
Fox News Channel X
Fox Regional Sports Networks X X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
France 24 X
FreeForm X X
Golf Channel X X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
History X
Hi-Yah! X
Investigation Discovery X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
Lifetime X
Lifetime Movies X
Local Now X
Logo X X
Machinima X
Maker X
MTV Hits X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
MTV Live X
MTV Classic X
Nat Geo Wild X X
Nat Geo X X
NBC Sports Network X X
NFL Network X X
News18 X
Newsy X X
Nick Jr. X X
Nickolodeon X
Nicktoons X X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
One World Sports X
Outside TV X X
Oxygen X X
Poker X
Polaris+ X
Pop X
RT Network X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
Science Channel X
SEC Network X X
Showtime X
Sony Movie Channel X
Spike X X
Sprout X
Sundance TV X X
SyFy X X
TeenNick X X
Channel Sling TV PS Vue
Travel Channel X X
Tru TV X X
Turner Classic Movies X X
TV Land X X
Universal X
Unimas X
Univision X
Velocity X
VH1 Classic X
Vibrant X
Viceland X
WE tv X X
 Fox Deportes X X
One World Sports X

Number of Streams

Sling TV will allow you to stream one or three streams at once depending on what package you sign up for. You can also use your Sling TV login for some apps such as WatchESPN.

PlayStation Vue will work on five devices at once but they must all be in your home network. You can use your PlayStation Vue login on different apps such as WatchESPN.


Sling TV has no DVR, but most of their channels have on-demand versions of the shows aired on their channels.

PlayStation Vue offers a 30-day DVR, and after 30 days the recording is removed.

Accesses Outside of Your House

Sling allows subscribers to login from anywhere in the United States. Sling also works with WatchESPN and has announced that FOX apps will soon also be supported.

PlayStation Vue limits access outside of your home network. You can use PlayStation Vue login on many networks apps like Fox Sports GO and WatchESPN for access outside of your home network.

So what service should you pick?

The best part is both Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue offer a free trial. Our suggestion is to give them a try and see if you like them. Also as for price check each service site as they keep changing prices. (Note PS Vue charges an extra $10 a month for some markets.)

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  • Golfluvr13

    PS Vue still does not have my regional Fox Sports network and they don’t care that they don’t offer it.

    • Vue does have it in many but not all markets. Contact Vue to find out if it is in your makert has your local Fox Sports. They have my local Fox Sports here in TX.

      • Golfluvr13

        I have contacted them a few times and they pretty don’t care. They have told me it’s coming. But that is the same line I have heard since March.

        • N Schmitt

          Are you able to watch your fox sports channel via the fox sports go app? That is what I have to do since they don’t carry fox sports WI within the Vue app.

          • Golfluvr13

            No, it hangs and buffers constantly. I had to buy Sling to get my FSRN. UGH!

    • 1EYEDJimmyBivvins

      Sling still does not carry my regional sports network(Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia). Although they are adding some regional Comcast Sportsnetworks they are not interested in adding Philly and they don’t care that they don’t offer it. Where I live VUE blows Sling away. The only thing to make it perfect for me is local channels but they only offer locals in areas where they can be easily received ota with wall antennas. Those locals will gladly take the money from VUE because otherwise cordcutters get them for free. A bad thing about these services is people who can’t get locals with antennas can’t get them with VUE/SLING but those who can get them for free are forced to pay for them.

      • tiffanydawnn

        I have CSN philly

  • Tom L.

    You need to double-check your channel lineup for PS Vue
    There channels they have that you said they don’t. Examples are Lifetime and A&E just to name 2

    • I will go back and check that thanks.

    • We double checked and do not see A&E and Lifetime on their site or on our PlayStation Vue account. We also asked some other PS Vue users on social media and they all said they do not have these channels. Thanks

  • filmex

    Watched ESPN’s “Goal Line” on my Vue this past weekend. It simply shows up as the primary programming on ESPN News during the day games are on.

    • Some times ESPN puts Goal Line on ESPN news but not for the full day. They also add ads to the feed when they show it on ESPN News. When they show games on News etc they cut it off. Right now only Sling has the Goal Line channel.

  • Bruce Wayne

    You failed to put consoles on the devices list considering one of the services started on a console.

    PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.

  • horror hideout

    I will say this. I went a long time with Sling not having any of the buffering or rebooting issues from the app. But, a month ago the service just took a horrible turn for us. It would reboot the app 5 or 6 times in a hour. And have to buffer and reload the program. I do not know if the subscribers out grew their bandwidth or what. And I do not have slow internet. So I am using my second free trial with Sony. And so far it is FAR superior in quality of picture and reliability. I do not like the interface as well. But, now that they offer Redzone I will be staying with Sony. The lady with Sling informed me that to run 2 laptops and Sling I needed 25 mps down. That is insane. I would certainly hope not. And consider it worked better when I had 15 mps down and I since upgraded. It is definitely not internet speed.

    • Have you contacted your ISP to test your connection? I had that happen at my house and Comcast came out and fixed something at the street. After that no issues once again.

      • horror hideout

        All I can do is monitor my speed, router etc. But, there are a TON of people on Sling’s Facebook that are/have reported the same issues forever. I dodged those issues for a long good time. My issue is simple. Sony Vue works great. And is reliable vs. Sling’s seems to not be at least for me. I get that their could be some connection issues but, if there are I would assume Vue would have the same connection issues as well. They are a stream nonetheless.

        • horror hideout

          At the end of the day Sony has this 28 day DVR as well. And is offering a lot more on demand for some of their stations. It seems to be a better fit all the way around minus the interface not being as pretty.

          • CommodoreFan64

            The exact same issue I was having with Sling on Roku moved to PSVUE the day it came out and I am not looking back. I will not spend 4 hours on Facebook to have Sling give me the run around again. Also a bonus with PSVUE is multistreaming out the gate with no restrictions beyond mobile

  • Henry Spires

    Based on the information you provided Luke it looks to me like they drew dead even on number of channels to login. (Uh…not even close. Why was this not brought out? Thought you were helping us make an honesr evaluation!) Did you not have the information on the handful of cities that have local channels provided and I charge $10 more per month? I am definitely biased towards psvue and it would seem there was a little bias in this review towards evening them up.

    • Henry from the top of the list: “(Both of these services offer local channels in select markets to make sure to check out their sites to see if you get local channels.)” The list of locals is growing by the week as both Sling and PS Vue are adding them a channel here and there. Rather than updating the list ever week its best to check their sites for local.

      • Henry Spires

        And they both offer similar logins for the various channels? I’m thinking from the title off the article you’re trying to help us with information to evaluate the differences. Perhaps the article should have simply stated, “Both have 7 day trials and here are their websites.” Otherwise be more resourceful.

        • I could not find a list of all the apps supported by Vue. I did find that Sling announced recently that FOX apps like Fox Sports GO will soon work with a Sling login. Since I could find no list of what apps are supported I left it out it as I could not be sure it was complete or incomplete list.

          I will email Vue again to ask but at this time I do not know what apps are all supported.

        • I updated the post to add this section to address your concerns.

          “Sling allows subscribers to login from anywhere in the United States. Sling also works with WatchESPN and has announced that FOX apps will soon also be supported.

          PlayStation Vue limits access outside of your home network. You can use PlayStation Vue login on many networks apps like Fox Sports GO and WatchESPN for access outside of your home network.”

        • Seriously? How about “Thank you for writing this comparison. I appreciate it even if it doesn’t spoon feed me all of the information I’m looking for.”

          Be nicer next time.

          • Henry Spires

            Seriously try giving honest unbiased information as opposed to comming across as a hack for Sling TV. You’re Welcome

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I don’t know about Sling, but the Vue app won’t work on rooted devices.

  • Steve Haggot

    Vue cannot be used on PC/Mac as well

  • Accessibility is key for me, I wouldn’t want service to be limited within my home network.

  • Trendin Top

    a family’s friend told me about and how you can try for free for 7 days, and i was amized, did hear the company before the they are published on apple and roku , and i signup after the try six month ago and my family like it

  • Mark Kadlec

    I was with Sling for a long time and enjoyed the service, but ultimately not having DVR was a killer and switched to Vue. (Didn’t want to get up at 05:00 to watch a soccer match!). I really miss being able to stream from outside my house, but until Sling gets DVR I’ll stick with Vue…

  • padretwo1959

    I’ve been with Vue for 6 months, and very happy with the service. Initially I had some freezes, but they are very few now. The key for me is the number of sets I can watch on. I have three TVs, and Sling would have been $20 per set ($60). With Vue, I get access from all three sets, plus my iPad for the one price ($39.99 in my case, with local channels).

  • You left out BEin Sports.

  • Epp

    I am just learning about how to cut the cord so this might seem like a dumb question. I have 4 TVs so if I want to get Vue, will I have to set up 4 internet routers and 4 consoles (ie fire stick, PS4, etc) to connect to the internet?