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Verizon Has a New Plan to Take on AT&T & Cord Cutters Need to Pay Attention

Mid age woman sitting at tableIt seems AT&T’s acquisition of DIRECTV and being in the process of merging with Time Warner are scaring Verizon.

With the world changing and the profit of traditional TV going away, Verizon seems to be busy looking for a date.

Recently Verizon VEO Lowell McAdam talked with Bloomberg to lay out his plans for a media merger. In the conversation McAdam named Comcast, Walt Disney Co., or CBS as potential good fits for Verizon to merge with.

Verizon is behind after AT&T’s move to buy DIRECTV and launch DIRECTV NOW. Moving forward AT&T is much better set up to take on Verizon by offering a more robust lineup of services. You already see this in Verizon offering discounts to DIRECTV NOW if you also have certain AT&T wireless plans. In the long run AT&T may also end up with deeper pockets because of its more diverse product line.

Verizon has already had talks with Charter to look at a merger but Charter was not interested. Now Verizon is looking around for new partner in their plan to fight AT&T.

“I think our shareholders expect us to look at every option,” McAdam told Faber. “But I would tell you right now we haven’t seen the architectural fit and we haven’t seen a willing seller and a buyer that have a meeting of the minds.”

Verizon is not sitting around. It was learned yesterday that Verizon will spend over a billion dollars investing in its fiber networks to get ready for the new 5G standard, which is expected to change both wireless and home Internet.

The only question now is will one of these other companies be interested in teaming up with Verizon to take on AT&T and DIRECTV NOW.

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  • REP

    Verizon is too expensive i don’t care what they do or expand.

    • AstroMonster

      I just switched my cell service from At&t to Verizon, pricing for the plans works out to be very similar, but At&t service here is a joke. Tons of dropped calls. Verizon has been smooth as silk.

      The pricing for the phones themselves was drastically different….as the full price of the phones with Verizon seem to be lower

  • Sunny Rain

    It is highly unlikely that Disney would accept to be bought by any other company. Especially not uber-capitalist companies like Verizon or Apple.

    The only companies that would merge well with Disney are Google and Netflix because they have similar principles.

  • mr Dave

    Verizon seems like a company with a TON of money and NO plan. They spent BILLIONS on Yahoo, WHY?? What does it give them? Nothing that I can see. They will be writing it off their books as a loss in a few years. I have read a lot of statements from their CEO but no coherent plan comes through, just reaction to other telco players.

    • dvdlgh

      They haven’t bought Yahoo as of yet.

    • Malcom Jones Jr.

      Advertising $$ and technology is what they get – behind the scenes

      • Jeff Burns

        And Almost nothing useful on tech. But probably some good patents and the ad dollars. Worth high millions, but not billions.

        I definitely agree that Verizon seems to suffer from an acute case of squirellitis though.

  • dvdlgh

    Where I live TW has been bought up by Charter and is now called Spectrum.

    • vikings football

      im pretty sure you meant TWC…Time Warner is not Time Warner Cable