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VIDGO TV a New Live TV Service is Launching Soon

Back at CES 2016 VIDGO TV was first officilialy announced to take on Sling TV.  Now over a year later they are almost ready to go public. Today VIDGO TV announced that their service will soon be offered in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and NYC, and will be made available to all remaining areas later this year

VIDGO TV says they will have a long list of premium features including network DVR, Video on Demand, Pay-per-View, Catch-Up TV, Restart TV and an extensive HD channel lineup across a multi-screen platform.

“Working closely with Minerva and its eco-system partners, we intend to deliver an entertainment experience that will delight our customers,” said Winston Johnson, Chief Technology Officer at Gotham Media Corporation. “The Minerva platform provides us with the stability and flexibility we need to quickly introduce new services that will keep us ahead of the competition.”

“Gotham Media Corporation had some very specific goals and milestones related to their unique business proposition,” said Matt Cuson, Vice President of Marketing at Minerva. “Working closely with our partners, we created a solution that addresses all of Gotham Media Corporation’s short term goals and provides a platform for future innovations that support the company‘s growth plans.”

For now we have no date set but this is the first time we get some firm details like a list of launch cities. It will be interesting to see how they stack up. When their first launched only Sling TV was a national live TV streaming service. Now there is a long list of live TV service with more on the way. For cord cutters this is great news as competition forces everyone to get better and be more aggressive.

*Gotham Media is the parent company behind Vidgo.

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  • notsofastnow

    Great, but when are we going to have real competition among internet providers?

    • mr Dave

      We’re going to have even less with Trump. He’s dismantling every consumer protection he can find!! At the end of 4 years we may end up with just Verizon and Comcast and that’s it. Sad.

      • Photog_7

        Please try to stay on topic (Vidgo TV). She lost.

        • Diana Elicial

          What an idiotic comment. Mr. Dave’s post is completely factual – it’s exactly what’s currently going on. The market is being deregulated, and the big companies are merging and expanding their footprint, driving out any local competition. And, therefore, driving up your prices. I suggest going to read about the new FCC chair’s views, just to start, he’s against Net neutrality. More like time for you to get a brain and try thinking for a change sweetheart :). Or you know, you can keep bending over.

          • “Mr. Dave’s post is completely factual ”

            Oh sure sure, maybe in your libtard fantasy world.

        • mr Dave

          (For the record I can’t stand Hillary and would have voted for ANY other republican other EXCEPT Trump.) Now back to the SUBJECT. Trump’s first move was to appoint Ajit Pai (previously worked for Verizon) to head of the FCC to ‘roll back’ regulation such as Net neutrality and other consumer protections. Since the most ISP markets in the US are monopolies this degrades an already poor consumer experience, and will only result in higher rates and more consumer complaints. If you look at the companies with the worst consumer record they are dominated year after year by Comcast, Charter/time Warner and Verizon.

  • It’s been “launching soon” for a year now, until we can see at least screenshots of the app this is just scam and/or vaporware.