Walmart Drops the Fire TV and Fire Stick From Their Stores

Want a Fire Stick or Fire TV? If you want it from Walmart, you better hurry.

Recently Walmart dropped the Fire TV from its stores and website. It has even removed all promotional material for the Fire TV from its stores and replaced it with Roku ad space. Searching for the Fire TV on Walmart just brings up Roku players and Mi Box along with other streaming devices.

No press release was given and no one replied to our requests for comment. It is possible Walmart and Amazon had a falling out or that Walmart got tired of waiting for new stock that always seems to be on back order.

Amazon has been having a hard time keeping the Fire TV in stock recently. Even on there have been long waits to get a Fire TV. Best Buy does not have a Fire Stick in stock within 250 miles of my office the last time we looked.

So why is the Fire TV hard to get right now? Amazon recently started selling the second generation Fire Stick in the United Kingdom and is getting ready to start selling a smart TV with a built-in Fire TV. Many have pointed to this as being the reason for the long wait times to get a Fire TV. There are even rumors that Amazon is getting ready to launch the Fire Stick in India.

There is also a growing market of scalpers buying up the Fire TV and the Fire Stick to resell them, putting even more pressure on Amazon.

Don’t go to Walmart, at least for now, if you want a Fire TV or Fire Stick because you will likely not find one in stock.

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  • Jeff Hershberger

    I am curious though… isn’t the current one two years old now? Are they due for a refresh and are getting ready to release a new version?

    • Richard smith

      A 4k dongle is coming soon

  • Robert Schwartz

    Wal-Mart charges vendors for shelf space sometimes an outrageous amount! Perhaps Amazon figured they could do better with online sales.Just another step in the death of brick and mortar stores!

    • Michael Habel

      With the exception that Wallmarket (As our family calles it), also has this side of the Store set aside to sell you Foodstuffs. So they’ll likely hang ’round well after Sears finally folds.

      • HeyRadar

        We call it “Wally World”

        • Michael Habel

          We call it that too… The Wallmaket comes from or German Fathers mispronounciation of Walmart.

    • AstroMonster

      I’m a Prime member, but I still go to Wal-Mart for a lot of items that I would rather see before I buy. Wal-Mart has actually had an increase in shoppers, but falling prices have reduced their profit.

      They are not going anywhere for a long long time.

  • AstroMonster

    It would only make common sense for Walmart to push the Roku more than the FireTV anyway.

    The Walmart owned streaming service Vudu has an excellent app for the Roku unit, while FireTV still does not, and doesn’t even have a way of playing Ultraviolet content.

    Walmart should be suppressing FireTV as much as they can

  • Richard smith

    Best buy has them online

  • AstroMonster

    Probably the REAL reason (my Vudu post aside) this happened is due to Walmart starting their attack on Amazon’s​ sales by offering “prime” speed and free shipping without charging an annual fee.

    From what I have read, it is doing very well

  • Brian

    What a great idea Walmart. They just keep giving me more and more reasons to NOT shop there. I do most of my purchasing on Amazon now. Walmart is only used for emergencies.

  • jr023

    they sold them wonder wher they hid the shelf, cannot believe WM got so big with terrible lack of in store marketing. only Kmart sears did a worst job of ruining a business. kind of wonder if stores bad service empty shelves and bad marketing drove as many to internet sales as price. although look back over the years how much catafalque buying sears,Penney,Montgomery wards. a very short time between that sales was discontinued and internet started . so not all problems of brick and morter was internets fault they need to look at the customer away from the cash register

  • BigO

    We generally do not shop there anyways. Not to mention, since we subscribe to Prime, we would most likely purchase any new Fire TV device via Amazon.

  • Sunny Rain

    People are quick to blame Walmart but Amazon started this whole thing when they decided to remove Chromecast and Apple TV from Amazon so that they can use their popularity to market FireStick and FireTV. If Walmart decides to push Roku (and Vudu), it’s just playing the Amazon game.

    Also, I don’t think this is a too-much-demand issue. It’s not like FireTV & FireStick have millions of orders and super-complex design like iPhones. Amazon is probably cutting production because they’ll be launching a new FireTV in a few months.

    • Charles Brown

      This is probably a part of the reason. Amazon blocking VuDu installs; Amazon not carrying competitors devices. All within Amazon’s rights (and also Walmart’s not to carry Amazon devices), but it still angers me as a consumer that I cannot easily install VuDu, where I own 1000 videos, onto a FireTV device.

      • Sunny Rain

        It really sucks. I wish all the services would make their content available on all rival devices so that I don’t need to buy 3 devices to watch content from everywhere. I think Amazon will drop Amazon Video Channel from Roku soon. That will make things even worse.

      • AstroMonster

        Vudu is an incredible app / service. Love it.

        Vudu Extras is A BIG feature of their service, being able to pick and choose which bonus feature you want to watch, not to mention that they carry just about every bonus feature offered on the newer movies.. Prime Video just slaps the few bonus features they have at the end of the movie, which is horrible.

  • Karl Childers

    I have to really wonder what Amazon’s strategy is with their video service. It seems like their primary goal would be to get it in front of as many viewers as possible and selling proprietary devices should come a distant second. Yet they don’t have an app for tvOS, is largely missing from Android TV, they don’t sell Apple TV or Chromecast on their site, and they supposedly don’t have enough supply of their own Fire TVs. It’s like they’re shooting themselves in the right foot and then dropping a sledgehammer on the left.

  • HeyRadar

    Vudu should come out with they’re own streaming device.

    Oh wait… They tried that.

  • NY11725

    Dumb move…firesticks are way better than roku because of kodi and mobdro. You cant sideload them to roku. Sure roku 4 has games n shit but kodi is super popular right now. In fact i make tons of money jailbreaking them. I buy a stick for 40 and sell it jailbroken for 100. I havent tried chromecast but firestick and box is what it’s all about. I’m selling 3 later today for 300 and sold one yeaterday for 100. Kodi with the right addons is beautiful. Works like a charm. I’ve done 157 sticks so far