How to Watch the Hallmark Channel Without Cable TV

hallmakrOne of the most popular requests we get is how to watch the Hallmark Channel, especially with Christmas coming up. People want access to their Hallmark movies.

We have good news for all the cord cutters out there. For the first-time cord cutters can legally access the Hallmark Channel without cable TV.

Sling TV

Sling TV is currently the first and only way to stream the Hallmark Channel online without cable TV. Not only do you get the Hallmark Channel but you also can get many other great channels.

The best part is there is no long-term contract. No longer do you need to agree to a 2-year contract if all you want is the Hallmark Channel for the holidays. Not only that but you will also get the Hallmark Movie channel making Sling TV a great deal for Hallmark Channel fans. You can find the Hallmark Channel in the “Lifestyle Plus Extra” add-on pack for both its Orange and Blue Services.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has added the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to their basic package.

Now what if you don’t want Sling. What can you do?

You have a few options. Hallmark owns part of Feeln, a Netflix-like streaming service that will have a small selection of Hallmark shows and movies starting at just $2.99 a month.

You can also buy the movies and shows you want on Amazon Video as a great way to not only watch them this year but for years to come.

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  • Don K

    I’ve already added this to our Sling Blue. We cut the cord about this time last year and Hallmark is the one channel that my wife really missed during the holidays last year. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we had cable! Other than a couple of channels like Hallmark, we haven’t really missed it. We certainly don’t miss the $185 bill!

  • Linnette

    Too bad neither option is available to Canadians. In fact Sling has banned Canadian IPs from accessing their website.

    • pd

      I don’t even see hall mark channel on sling when i just looked.

      • Hallmark is in Sling’s Lifestyle Plus Extra package. Click the “ADD CHANNELS — SPORTS, SPANISH TV, INTERNATIONAL TV & MORE” link under the core channel listings to see the add-on packages.

  • dman

    You’re the man Luke!!! Thanks for 411 on Feeln… I had no idea about this service. Being that I’m a Vue customer (need my DVR functionality), and not having access to Hallmark, you just saved the day… my wife is now going to be one ‘happy camper’ through Christmas!!!

    You rock!!

  • Crochet Granny

    I cut the cord right after Uverse discontinue the Hallmark channel. I didn’t miss cable but I missed Hallmark Channel. Now I am a happy person, Hallmark Channel on Sling!!!

  • Jessica Nielsen Haworth

    FEELN makes you wait a year before any “new” Hallmark content is available. VERY disappointed in this! I love the content on Feeln but disappointed that I have a to wait a year to see the new movies…part of the reason I signed up right before the holiday’s was to see the new movies since I have no other way of watching Hallmark Channel.

  • David Humphrey

    Just checked SlingTV does NOT carry Hallmark

    • Luke Bouma

      You will find it in the Lifestyle Plus area.

  • Jackie-Jason Cottrell

    so we just got direct tv now after using just netflix and hulu for a year or so and we love it….BUT… it has made us excede our internet data usage and we just cant afford to keep it!! now some of the main shows we like to watch are the ones on the hallmark mysterys, diagnosis murder, murder she wrote, Monk, columbo. ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET THESE SHOWS??
    ?? i looked on feeln, (which looks awesome,) but it dosent have the shows we want..

  • roebling

    Sling TV charges subscribers $5 extra to get the Hallmark channels