How to Watch HGTV Without Paying For Cable TV

Want to ditch cable TV but still watch HGTV? We have good news for you. Cord cutters have great options to watch both shows from HGTV and HGTV live.

So let’s jump in here and take a look at how to watch HGTV without the long-term contract of cable TV.


Want to watch HGTV live without the need for a 2-year contract? We have good news for you! There are several options to watch HGTV live as a cord cutter.

Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DIRECTV NOW all offer HGTV live.

The Cheapest Way

If you just want it cheap, Sling TV has HGTV starting at $20 a month with over 30 other channels such as ESPN. You can also get it in the $25 package, which includes 40+ channels such as Nat Geo, FX, and Lifetime.

Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial, and you can add on a DVR option.

How to Get the Most Streams at Once

PlayStation Vue is also a great way to get HGTV. The best part is you can get up to five streams at once. Starting at just $30 a month ($40 in some markets), you can get the HGTV service and a DVR to go with it.

PlayStation Vue does include a 5-day free trial.

Want More Options with Viacom Channels?

Check out DIRECTV NOW for one more great option. Not only do you get HGTV but for $35 a month you also will get 60+ channels to pick from. The best part is DIRECTV NOW has Viacom Channels something PlayStation Vue doesn’t have.

DIRECTV NOW offers a 7-day free trial.

Just Want FREE Video On Demand? offers some full episodes 100% free on its site, which is a great way to just get a HGTV fix when you want it.

Looking for other cable channels to watch as a cord cutter? Check out our channel finder HERE.

  • Jason Lin

    The only thing worth mentioning is which service does NOT include ESPN. Given the network charges at least $5 to the providers, that means most Americans have been paying the ESPN “tax” all of their lives as cable subscriber regardless if they’re into sports or not. I am hoping for a TV package free of ANY sports channel. THAT would be worth promoting!

    • Daniel Richards

      for real, all these services sacrifice other channels, when they could afford so many more if they dropped the ESPN lineup that is the most overpriced bunch of garbage out there, we could get SO MANY MORE major channels for the cost of ESPN, but they all think ESPN is a requirement to get people to subscribe.

  • Daniel Richards

    YOU ARE STILL PAYING FOR CABLE WITH ALL THOSE SERVICES, just because a technician doesn’t have to come out to your house to hook it up doesn’t make it any less a CABLE service.

    • The Shadow

      Not really. Streaming over Internet coax is nothing like dedicated coax for audio! Video.

      • Ben M

        I am pretty sure he is referring to paying for bundled channel access & still having to watch commercials instead of being able to pick ala carte commercial free. You are still paying for a boatload of channels you never watch & you still have to sit through 20 minutes of commercials for every hour of TV that you watch. The only advantage streaming cable packages have right now is no access fees, no equipment fees, & no contracts. Call it what you want, but it is the cable tv model streamed.

        • Richard smith

          Some people want to watch current cable programs. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon you have to wait at least till the season is over and still not get everything. Also if you add the price all three of those services together, it costs the same as the base package from Vue. Since I dvr everything, no commercials. Also you are paying for all those shows you never watch on Netflix and the like.

          • Ben M

            I don’t disagree with anything you said. But, it does not make Daniel Richards point untrue. Sling, PS Vue, DirectTV Now are streamed cable TV packages.

          • Richard smith

            I’m ok with that term, but I would only classify Vue as a streamed cable Tv package. The others have no Dvr or to many Dvr restrictions.

        • Daniel Richards

          NO, I was talking that these are still cable packages (that just use a more efficient method of transporting the data) and NOT stand alone services like CBS All Access where you can watch the Live Stream or OnDemand content from that channel, suggesting you can watch “without cable” implies the use of a standalone app like CBS All Access, HBO Now or the Showtime app where you can subscribe to JUST the channel you want. These services ARE NOT that.

    • Richard smith

      And these services particularly Vue give you the best of cable without the BS.

      • Daniel Richards

        you are missing my point, my point is the MISLEADING bordering on CLICKBAIT TITLE, I know all about these services, I have PERSONALLY had ALL 3 and am currently using 1 of them, my point was if you say “without cable” implies some form of standalone system like what CBS has with their CBS All Access app.
        Oh and there is still plenty of BS to deal with, like Vue removing Viacom with only 3 days notice or the CONSTANT LIES from DTVNow about it’s service.

  • The Shadow

    While streaming TV is still sort of new, it is improving. We use a Roku Express and have Sling over the Roku. Both Roku and Sling are great.