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How to Watch Investigation Discovery without Paying For Cable TV

Couple relaxing in living room holding remote control and smilingIt was not that long ago that becoming a cord cutter meant giving up access to your favorite networks. Now you can ditch the high monthly payments and long-term contracts and still watch your favorite shows.

One of the networks I get asked for a lot is Investigation Discovery, and we have great news. You can be a cord cutter and watch Investigation Discovery.

How to Watch Investigation Discovery Live:

To watch Investigation Discovery live, you have two options: DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue.


You will find Investigation Discovery on all DIRECTV NOW packages starting at $35 a month. With these packages, you will get access to 60+ other channels and locals in a growing list of markets including AMC, BBC America, Disney, and ESPN.

DIRECTV NOW offers a 7-day free trial allowing you to test it out before you pay.

PlayStation Vue

You can also find Investigation Discovery on all PlayStation Vue packages starting at $39.99 a month. With those packages you will get over 40 channels and locals in many markets.

PlayStation Vue offers a 5-day free trial so you can test it out before you pay.

How to Watch Investigation Discovery On Demand

Investigation Discovery has also partnered with Hulu to bring many of its popular shows to Hulu’s streaming service. The selection varies by show, but if you don’t care about it being live you should check out Hulu.

Want to find other networks? You can find a full breakdown of what services have what channels HERE.

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  • Ottis

    Directv Now and PS Vue is essentially paying for cable. I wish you would stop including ways to get shows or networks without paying for cable then list ways that cost $40 a month and deliver channels on a schedule with commercials that are exactly the same on a cable box but it’s a cat5 not coax cable hooked up to the receiver.

    • JGaLaXY

      I get investigative discovery and hbo with DirecTV now for $40 dollars a month…I don’t know what cable company gives you that

    • S. Mays

      I agree. The only reason we have Vue now (after their huge price hike and loss of many channels) is my wife is addicted to this channel for some reason. If not for ID, I would have dropped Vue and gone back to Sling for 1/2 the cost. When I saw an article about how to get ID with cable, I got excited, because that meant I could cut my monthly bill in half, but it was false hope.

      • Thomas Hessel

        I agree, this is my wife’s favorite channel. We are in the first phase of evaluating SlingTV and DTVNow to cut the cord. I love Sling but kids are addicted to Discovery shows and wife to ID 🙁 which right now leans me towards DTVNow.

    • Vegas Steve

      Yep, I think it’s just a way to slowly bump everyone up to cable (with cable prices eventually). So far, SlingTV seems to be the only one who breaks things up enough that you can get a bit of the ‘cable channels’ w/o going all in for cable. But that could change as well, these guys seem to do the monkey see, monkey do a lot.