How to Watch TV Land Without Cable TV

Cord cutting is easier than ever and the best part about it is the ability to save money and still watch what you want.

Just a few years ago becoming a cord cutter meant missing out on some of your favorite TV shows or stations. Now you can easily watch them without having to agree to a two-year contract. Cord cutters have options to watch their shows without the need to a long-term contract.

How to Watch TV Land Live

Right now two cord cutting services offer TV Land live: Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW.

Sling TV has the TV Land channel as part of its Comedy Extra package that can be had for as low as $25 a month or $30 a month if you get its Sling Blue service with the add-on. Want even more content? For an extra $5 you can get the Comedy Extra add-on and the Lifestyle, News, and Kids add-ons giving you over 60 channels for $35 a month.

Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial allowing you to test out the service before you pay.

DIRECTV NOW includes the TV Land channel in all of its packages starting at $35 a month for 60+ channels. There are no add-ons or other features. DIRECTV NOW starts at $35 a month.

You can also get a free 7-day trial with DIRECTV NOW so you can test it out before you pay.

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  • Eric Beagles

    Sling and DTV are both cable TV. Streaming cable, but cable nonetheless. C’mon man.

    • mau47

      Yeah, these “how to watch X channel without cable TV” articles are 99.9% of the time “Subscribe to a cable alternative”

      • At least these ones can be targeted by an email filter; which I’ve just created to auto-delete notifications of future posts like this.

  • BigO

    There is always getting DVDs via the library as well.