How to Watch Viacom Shows Now That They Left Hulu

This week Viacom decided to end its contract with Hulu. It said this was part of an effort to support traditional pay-TV providers.

So what can cord cutters do to get their favorite Viacom shows? We have good news for you! There are still many great options for cord cutters to get their Viacom shows.

#1 Hulu

Yup although Viacom pulled most of its shows there are still some Viacom shows on Hulu. Here is the short list of shows still on Hulu:

  • Hit Comedy Central series “Inside Amy Schumer,” “Broad City,” “Drunk History,” and “Workaholics”
  • Complete libraries of popular series including “Jersey Shore,” “Key & Peele,” and “Catfish”
  • Kids programming from Nickelodeon including “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “The Thundermans,” “Rugrats,” “Rabbids Invasion,” “Drake & Josh,” and “Hey Arnold!”
  • Hulu will also continue to be the exclusive streaming home to all current and library episodes of “South Park”.

#2 Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW

You can also still access most Viacom channels with Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW live and on-demand services. Both of these services offer a free trial so give them a try.

We asked Sling TV for comment on its future with Viacom, and this is what they sent us:

“If you’ve recently lost the option to watch your favorite Viacom shows like Spike’s ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ CMT’s ‘Nashville’ and Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show,’ check out Sling TV and our free trial offer,” said Roger Lynch, Sling TV CEO.

#3 Season Passes

The last resort is the season pass. This option is especially great if you just want one or two shows. No reason to pay a monthly bill if all you want is access to one show. Services such as Amazon Video and iTunes along with others allow you to subscribe to a season pass and often at a slight discount you can get every episode the next day. The best part is you can rewatch them at any time.

So if you only want one or two shows you may want to look at buying them with a season pass.

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  • KaysGramma

    Nashville and The Daily Show are still on Hulu. Why are you directing viewers to Sling or Direct TV Now?

  • Frank Drebin

    Wow….you just totally ignored Vudu as a site to buy season passes.

    The Vudu interface blows away the Amazon Video interface

    • We said services such as. There is a long list of services that will sell a season pass. To many to list.

      • Frank Drebin

        I get that, but if you are doing an article trying to tell people how they can access the content, then you should at least list some of the other popular ones, not just the 2 most obvious …Wal-Mart backed Vudu should be mentioned along with Amazon and iTunes any time digital sales are discussed. As should Fandango Now, since it is embedded into Roku.

        Of course, this is if you are truly trying to inform the public and provide a true guide. A lot of times it seems you simply throw something together just to publish a new article so you can get clicks and get paid.

        • Karl Childers

          I’m all for offering some helpful advice to improve the quality of the content from time to time. Luke has edited posts in the past based on user feedback so he appears receptive to input. He has also typically shown great restraint when having been subjected to the kind of rude criticism that you just offered. So give the guy a little credit. No one is forcing any of us to come here and read this site.

          • Frank Drebin

            All I stated is the truth.

            It is well known he sometimes posts and reposts useless articles and that he is biased towards places that make him money.

        • We listed the two largest. There are over 10 stores to buy seasons on. Probably some that I dont even k ow about.

          So I just listed the top two and made it clear there are others.

          • Frank Drebin

            But if you only post the 2 that everyone knows, are you really providing any new info and helping people?

            And btw, even though you may repost articles and sometimes write articles just for the sake of getting something up, I am ok with that because I know you are trying to make a buck.

            I just think you should do a little more due diligence to other services.

            It would not take that much of effort for you to name 4 or 5 of the most popular services that provide that service…..that way you are actually informing your readers instead of just being an advertisement for Amazon

          • Frank you may want to read the disclaimer on every page.

            I do not charge for cord Cutter News and don’t even do anything to block people who use ad blockers.

            I often talk about others services including Vudu and Google play etc. If you use the search you would see that.

            This is kind of a lose lose for sites like mine. Fist no matter how long I make the list there will always be someone upset that I didn’t mention for example buying it on the PlayStation store.

            Also I’m in Disney World with my family this weekend but instead of being happy that I help people even on my vacation I hear complaints. If you like Vudu use Vudu I don’t say they where the only services out there just one of the options.

            Here is the disclaimer on every page. CCN is the only way I support my family if people would stop using Ad blockers this wouldn’t be a problem.

            Disclaimer: To address the growing use of ad blockers we now use affiliate links to sites like and others. Affiliate links help sites like Cord Cutters News, LLC stay open as more people use ad blockers. Affiliate links cost you nothing but help me support my family. We do not allow paid posts or paid reviews on this site. If you have a question you can contact us HERE

          • Frank Drebin

            No one said you had to respond right now…

            But all your disclaimer did was make what supervolt said sound pretty accurate.

      • Scott Lewis

        “Services such as Amazon Video and iTunes allow you to subscribe to a season pass”

        I’ll give it a go. “Services such as Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu allow you to subscribe to a season pass.”

        Yeah, I think I got this thing down.

        • Frank Drebin

          I totally forgot about Google Play…but yeah, they should always be mentioned in these types of articles too

        • supervolt

          They’re usually paid by some services like Amazon. So, the less options you mention, the higher the chances of more ad revenue. Google Play is almost never mentioned here despite having pretty much everything on iTunes and more than Amazon Video.

        • Karl Childers

          Not quite yet. As Frank mentioned above you forgot FandangoNow. 🙂

    • Karl Childers

      One of the biggest challenges to buying digital content is the longevity of the purchase. What would happen if the seller is acquired by someone else or suddenly shuts down due to loss in popularity or declining revenue? I’d feel comfortable buying shows and building a content library through iTunes or Amazon because even though nothing is absolutely certain in life these services are intergral components of Apple and Amazon’s business. Vudu on the other hand is currently owned by Wal-Mart. Will the service be around 5 or 10 years from now? Perhaps…but if consumers can’t confidently answer that question they might choose what they perceive to be safer options.

      • Frank Drebin

        Vudu is pretty firmly planted. They have the backing of a lot of the studios and are the premier redemption site for Ultraviolet codes.

        They aren’t going anywhere.

        Besides, the job of the article was to disclose places where people could access the content. Vudu and Fandango Now are two popular sites that should be mentioned any time digital purchase sites are discussed

      • Frank Drebin

        And as big as Vudu is becoming , and as important as they have become for the studios, if they were to struggle someone would simply come in and buy them out and take it over.

    • Luke Bouma

      We listed the two largest and made it clear there are others.

  • filmex

    “Inside Amy Schumer,” “Broad City,” “Drunk History” are the main reason to even have Viacom, and since those are going to remain on Hulu, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Hulu.

  • supervolt

    There’s hardly anything On Demand in Sling and DirecTV Now for Viacom shows. And none of them supports 3rd party app login for viacom apps/websites. So, you’re pretty much forced to watch the content live or buy on iTunes, Google Play etc if you miss live.

    • Chris K.

      I swear… It was just a month or so ago that Viacom fired and replaced the individual who was responsible for contract agreements. I know that filled all of the former PSVue users with hope. Then I see the stories about them cutting the useless channels and desire to focus on just their new content and think hey… maybe this is a step in the right direction. Then nothing from PSVue… Nothing from Sling in terms of more On Demand or login for their apps… Then this happened.

      Pretty soon, Viacom is going to run out of feet to shoot themselves in.

  • Scott Lewis

    I see we are deleting comments now??

  • JJ

    In some cases you can watch free (with ads) episodes of Viacom shows through Viacom’s apps & websites. For example, Comedy Central’s app allows viewers to watch a limited selection of episodes without signing in with a cable log-in. I’ll probably just watch fewer Viacom shows as a result of this.

  • slim slender

    Kodi is your friend.

    • Keith Is Real™

      Is it tho?