How to Watch The Weather Channel Without Paying For Cable TV

One of the channels we get many requests for is The Weather Channel. The weather-focused network is still popular and one of the harder channels to get if you do not have a subscription to a traditional pay-TV service such as cable TV.

We have good news! Now cord cutters do have options to watch The Weather Channel after they ditch their high cable TV bill.


DIRECTV NOW has The Weather Channel in the following packages: Just Right, Go Big, and Gotta Have It. With these subscriptions you can get full access to The Weather Channel with a live feed.

DIRECTV NOW offers a free trial of its service.

Sling TV

Sling TV does not have the Weather Channel but it does offer the Local Now channel. This channel is built similar to the Local on the 8s format with local news, national news, local weather, and breaking news. During some weather emergencies Local Now will air The Weather Channel feed.

Sling TV offers a free trial of its service.


The last option is Fubo TV and its new Fubo Premier plan. There you will find The Weather Channel available on its $35-a-month package.

Once again cord cutting is becoming easier and easier. Just a few months ago there weren’t any options outside of cable to watch The Weather Channel.

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  • Bill Eastman

    There is also WeatherNation which is FREE and similar

    • Frank Drebin

      There is also The Weather Network which is free…

      But the article is specifically about The Weather Channel….not about weather channels

      The Weather Channel was the entire reason I did the 3 mos with Direct TV Now.

      There are a ton of great TV shows on TWC that talk about past weather experiences, historic events, real life experiences, etc etc

      Plus they have the absolute best coverage of any other outlet when it comes to extreme weather events.

      There is no comparison….TWC is a totally different service than any other weather channel

    • Craig

      Agreed. WeatherNation is honestly just as good and on every TV device there is from Apple TV, Roku, Android TV and Fire TV. And honestly? Who gives a fig about original weather TV content? I want a channel for 24×7 weather news with 2 guys standing at a map. Not reality shows with weather themes.

    • UnderTheBedMonster

      Weather Nation sucks bogwater to put it mildly. Amateurs abound….can hardly wait for them to get their act in gear…

  • Scott

    This is a misleading article. When I read the headline I thought that there was an app that broadcasts The Weather Channel without needing any credentials. Even though streaming services aren’t considered cable, they serve the same function.

    • Scott

      Or rather a misleading headline

      • Craig

        Agreed. The headline should’ve been “How To Watch The Weather Channel Without Subscribing To Any Service At All”. Course that doesn’t exist and isn’t currently possible.

  • Keith C

    TWC is currently up and free on Channel Pear. Just sayin

    • well, it was free, until you said something…

      • Keith C

        Yeah, because they come here for all the scoop. They would never think of actually looking at the channel itself. What a crock.

  • George Shiflett

    funny i thought cord cutting was to get away from the expense of cable funny how we complain about Pay tv , there are multitudes of ways to get every chanel in the world all the movies HBO all of it , yet we pay directv now dollars per moth when we can get all channels free , so i guess we are paying for commercials thats what we paying for , the right to have commercials

  • Nancy Layne Russell

    Why isn’t Local Now available on Playstation Vue? Any plans for that service to pick it up?

  • Jim Carter

    Watching weather on TV has a ring of mid 20th century to it. My smartphone is always nearby with weather warnings, forecasts and a radar app. I’d rather be entertained while relaxing in front of the TV.

  • Kimber Olli

    Honestly, there are way too many commercials on the Weather Channel. I don’t know why anyone should have to also pay for a cable channel that bombards the viewer with non-stop commercials whether it’s online or cable. If the Weather Channel can’t survive on their commercial revenue alone, they are doing something way wrong.

  • cosmicmom

    Local Now ALWAYS freezes on Sling after watching it for 2 minutes or less…grrrrrrr.