So When Will DIRECTV NOW Come to Roku? We Answer Your Questions

For months now we have been hearing that DIRECTV NOW will soon have a Roku Channel. It was announced when the service came out that it would be coming to the most popular streaming media player in America.

Later at CES in January a vice president of Roku stood up at the TCL press conference and announced that DIRECTV NOW would be coming to Roku players in the next few weeks.

Now when asked, DIRECTV NOW support staff have been saying March 31, 2017, as the date.

What Happened?

Every source we have talked to said DIRECTV NOW is holding off for several reasons. Many have speculated that AT&T is holding off to help limit the impact a Roku channel would have. It would make sense that the struggling DIRECTV NOW service would want to limit the flood of new users likely to come from the Roku channel.

DIRECTV NOW’s Facebook Page says it is still working with its partners. So it is just as likely that during testing something came up. It is also possible that DIRECTV NOW wants to do its best to make sure to have as few bugs as possible.

When Will It Be Out?

We still don’t know, but I do expect it to hit the market before March 31, 2017. (Although it very well could come out that day.) It seems tech support is telling everyone the last possible day so if it comes early it’s a nice surprise. The company seems to suddenly want to under promise and over deliver.

What we do know is DIRECTV NOW still says it will be out before the end of March 2017.

So why did Roku say in the next few weeks in January?

It is likely that when one of the vice presidents of Roku said it would be out in a few weeks they meant that. It is fully possible that a date was set but other issues forced a delay. As with all major services and apps unexpected things happen all the time.

For now we just need to sit tight. We should know for sure in the next few weeks…

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  • Karl Childers

    There’s a countdown clock on the DirectvNow home page for when the free Apple TV offer expires. I bet the same clock could be used to indicate when the Roku channel will launch. Apple and Amazon likely had agreements with DirectvNow to withhold a Roku channel in exchange for providing devices at a discount rate. This allowed DirectvNow to launch their service and work out any issues before making it available on the most popular platform. Apple and Amazon (who unlike Roku have more diverse ecosystems and services to market) meanwhile got a chance to get more of their devices in more homes.

    • Daniel Richards

      if my math is right thats midnight pacific time the “morning” of March 31st, Sounds EXACTLY right and will just prove that they had an exclusivity deal preventing the release of the Roku app.

      • A double exclusive for BOTH Amazon and Apple?

        • Daniel Richards

          well how else do YOU explain it, as you’ve seen in my other post I have comments from DTVNow facebook that supports the lack of Roku support is due to contracts and you can’t help but notice the Apple TV deal expires the DAY before the LAST DAY they could release the Roku app and still meet the promised “1st quarter” launch window.

          • I don’t have enough information to accurately explain. There’s too much conjecture involved to come yo with a sound theory, at this point. Besides, I’m not as concerned with why we are waiting as I am with how long we have to wait. ☺

  • Charles Hornick

    I hope they give that $35 deal for the larger package when it goes live on Roku. I might give it a chance.

    • Jeremy Pearson


      • Daniel Richards

        extremely doubtful being that the discounted price could have been combined with a 3 month prepay to get an Apple TV or a 1 month prepay for a Fire Stick, Roku owners who didn’t jump on FREE DEVICE offers simply because they refuse to use a different device can really only blame themselves. That said if you are also foolish enough to have AT&T cellular service (with the new unlimited plans) you can combine that service with DirecTV Now and get a 25 dollar discount which will result in the same pricing as the 35 a month for Go Big

        • I don’t feel foolish for having AT&T cellular service. I probably can’t get the $25 discount because:
          1. I’m on an old unlimited cellular plan that they try to get me off of whenever possible.
          2. I did take advantage of the Fire Stick deal and have the $35 package.

          I doubt they will take off another $35, but it might be worth a call! 🙂

          • Daniel Richards

            If you have the launch price special 35 for 100 Go Big deal, they will NOT give you the additional 25 dollar discount, those deals can’t be combined, but you could combine the new unlimited with the 70 dollar package and get whatever channels are in the higher package for 45 bucks.

            As for the foolish part, from the crap i’ve had to deal with there “customer service”, and I use that term loosely, I sure will not do ANY other business with AT&T for the rest of my life, had to file an FCC complaint to talk to someone on the phone and that lady could give 2 shits if I kept the service or not, I swear, it’s like they want you to quit.

    • lonnie

      That’s the same thing I am thinking, I think it would be only fair to roku owners to have the same opportunity. If not I will wait for hulu live.

  • Scott

    Let’s be real, the last thing DirecTv Now support needed to handle was yet another device operating system. The support queues runneth over with Apple TV and Kindle for months… Let’s hope that many of the beta issues are worked out and Roku launches much smoother.

  • Jason Becker

    They don’t want to deal with the flood of new users? LMAO well this cord cutter won’t be one of them. I tried it out because of what they said in January. After I realized it was a BS lie I cancelled a couple of weeks ago. Back on Vue and happy with it. DirectTV Now is dead to me, they blew it IMO.

    • Rob Schmahl

      I did the AppleTV promotion, the DTV service was terrible, but they really have worked out a majority of the bugs of tvOS now, its actually fine. BUT, its still $35 a month for a bunch of crap that we don’t watch, so we will not be subscribing after the 3 months is over, which is March 31 for us. DirecTV Customer Service was terrible, every time I contacted them with issues, they would just apologize and say they were working on it. They really should have given an additional month or 2, since it was pretty unbearable in the first 1 1/2 months, unable to even watch a 30 minute show without error.

      • I was disappointed at first, but they have worked out a lot of the kinks, so I’m staying. I watch a lot of sports from back home in Michigan so having all of the ESPN, B1G TEN Network and other sports related channels is HUGE for me. I also spend some time on AMC and now the free year of HBO (only $5/month after that). I don’t mind not using the antenna for networks (except CBS in Los Angeles, for some reason). I feel like the early adopter price was worth the hiccups.

  • Daniel Richards

    I still say the APP was ready to go back in January, as it was submitted prior to the November cutoff date for new apps prior to the holiday season, which is why the Roku folks said a few weeks as that would be when the new apps submitted would be added to the store (from my recollection of the 7.5 firmware app submission process) and that the SOLE reason we don’t have it yet is because of the deals DTVNow made with Amazon and Apple to get discounted devices. this theory is supported by this line I caught one of the “support” personnel say on facebook they admit the issue is negotiations that is holding up the release, so that implies the app is ready to go.

    • Sling has deals, but is available for all devices.

      • Daniel Richards

        Slings deals also Rotate and are NOWHERE NEAR as good as the Apple TV deal was, for example with DTVNow (until the countdown ends) you can get the Apple TV with a prepay of even the cheapest 35 dollar plan, that’s $105 TOTAL, Slings Apple TV deal is $89 dollars plus a 3 month prepay which at a Minimum is $60, so Sling is effectively giving you 3 months of free service and you pay full price for the Apple TV, DTVNow on the other hand was and IS (for another week and half) effectively giving you a $45 discount on an Apple TV and throwing in 3 months of service, thats a MUCH better deal and is much more expensive if they aren’t getting some sort of discount from Apple.

        • Whether the deal was better or not, they still offer deals. I’m not super familiar with the AppleTV deals specifically as that option had a dealbreaker for me in that it doesn’t support Amazon Prime Video. I did get the DTVNow deal with the Fire Stick to hold me over until the Roku app is released. I hope that it is in the next 11 days, honoring the Q1 deadline that has been talked about.

  • Daniel Richards

    Also NOT ONE DTVNow support member has given a set date, they say SOON, THIS YEAR, or STILL PLANNING TO BE RELEASED IN THE 1ST QUARTER. None will give a DATE.

    • 1st Quarter does equal a date. That means before March 31st. We shall see.

      • Daniel Richards

        NO NO NO, a DATE is ONE DAY, NOT a RANGE of 90 days, thats a TIME FRAME, NOT A DATE.

        • Most of the time we get a time frame over a solid date if the thing is in development. Since the time frame is now 11 days, I’ll take it. Of course, since we’ve heard nothing from them, I don’t have a lot of confidence that they will meet that deadline.

  • Willem Kraal

    So will directtvnow app show up using all models of Roku or do with have to purchase a new improved Roku box?

  • zac

    April 25th…still waiting.